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Red Dead Online play without PS Plus

2019-05-14 21:13:56

The Red Dead Online beta is now available and Rockstar Games wants to give us a gift by making Red Dead Online free for a limited time for all PlayStation 4 players.

Red Dead Online is free and comes with the latest update which adds a lot of new content like Poker! Red Dead Online can be played for free without PS Plus from May 14 to May 27.

We at the beginning also asked ourselves how we were going to play Red Dead Online without PS Plus and it's quite simple, you'll only need a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 for your PlayStation 4. The goal of Rockstar is to open the online world of Red Dead Redemption for that players have an idea of ​​what Red Dead Online is like.

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In case you grab love online without PS Plus, you can keep playing because PlayStation is offering memberships for PS Plus with discounts but only for Red Dead Redemption 2 players.

12 months of PS Plus for $ 47.99 that previously cost $ 60.

And 3 months of PS Plus for $ 20.99 that were previously at 24.99.

But as we already mentioned, these PS Plus discounts are only available to Red Dead Redemption 2 users, so you can not collect the agreement if you're not the owner of the game. In addition, subscribers will get 10 gold bars per month during their subscription if they subscribe to PS Plus through the special agreement.

Red Dead Online was launched in recent days in a trial period of 6 months along with the update and allows players a more in-depth interaction with the environment and other players, but for free so they will not need PS Plus.