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Red Dead Online Lets Repeatedly Sell a Cougar Carcass

2019-05-23 15:54:59

A few days ago we could live a mistake in Red Dead Online with which many could fill their pockets by doubling and selling fish. Despite the fact that the mistake of the duplicated fish in Red Dead Online has been solved, a new Red Dead Redemption 2 online cougar bug has appeared, which could be filling the pockets of the players much faster than the duplicated fish of before.

The failure of the Red Dead Online cougar has to do with obtaining a three-star puma or panther channel and then selling that corpse to a butcher for an unlimited number of times and earning easy money at the cost of this error.

How to Sell the Cougar several times in Red Dead Online

The first step of this new error is to get the body, and the following video covers Red Dead Online cougar locations and methods to guarantee a three-star rating.

When you have the corpse you'll have to put it on the back of some horse and take it to the butcher of Red Dead Online, but you must go slowly, keep in mind that if you go very quickly the casing will be degraded and its value will be reduced.

Once you arrive with the butcher, shoot the carcass until the cougar icon and the words "Perfect Cougar Carcass" appear. Then approach the butcher and park the horse as close as you can, talk to the butcher of Red Dead Online, open the sales menu and then enter the Horse Cargo inventory. If the feat of money from Red Dead Online has been done correctly, here will be two puma channels: one perfect and one poor.

Sell ​​the Perfect Cougar case, a few minutes after selling it the error will cause the case to return back to the Horse Cargo inventory and you can sell it again, repeat the process and the error will cause the case to always return to the inventory to be sold.

If the Red Dead Online Perfect Cougar channel does not appear again, simply navigate to the sales menu and then return to the Horse Cargo inventory and it'll be there again.

This error could be an easy solution for players who have money problems and also those who simply want to have more just because. But this will probably be fixed soon with some new update and the users who took advantage of the error could end up suffering the consequences of enriching themselves at the cost of a failure.