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Red Dead Online: How To Unlock Dual Wielding Revolvers

2019-10-31 17:17:37

Stop wondering how to unlock revolvers with double grip in Red Dead Online, because in this guide we will tell you.

What are Red Dead Online double handle revolvers?

If you consider yourself a real gunman, you will want to handle two weapons at the same time, one in each hand and for this, it is precisely these revolvers. However, double handling is not something you get from the beginning, but you will have to unlock it as you play.

How to unlock revolvers with double Red Dead Online handle?

The first thing you will have to do is buy a second weapon case that you can access when you reach level 25, no matter what case you buy, the cheapest one and the first one to unlock is the "Horsemanship" case that has a price of $ 8.50. You can buy the anywhere by holding the left stick pressed to open the catalog and select the case.

Now that you have the case equipped, equip the second gun to keep it empty.

Having a second grip will allow you to prioritize damage and constant attack over precision and accuracy by increasing your attack power coming excellent especially when dealing with many enemies at a distance.

Now that you handle revolvers with a double handle you are a Red Dead Online gunman, just like this one, we have a lot of guides with very useful content about this and other titles that we recommend you review to keep up to date.

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