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Red Dead Online: How to Catch Tobin Winfield

2019-10-31 16:49:40

It is a bit complicated, fortunately in this guide we will tell you in detail how to catch Tobin Winfield in Red Dead Online.

Who is Tobin Winfield in Red Dead Online?

This is the corrupt mayor who represents the seventh legendary reward available at Red Dead Online, the corrupt chief is wanted for embezzlement and government money theft. Catching Tobin Winfield is quite complicated and can make you wrong many times if you don't know precisely what to do.

That's why in this guide we have everything in detail, everything you need to know in order to catch Tobin Winfield.

What does it take to catch Tobin Winfield in Red Dead Online?

Basically here any type of weapon or equipment is worth, so the weapon and equipment is your choice according to your preferences, what we recommend is to carry a good load of horse riding and a long range precision combat. Carry a good repeater rifle, and as many health and resistance supplies for you and the horse you can carry.

How to catch Tobin Winfield in Red Dead Online?

To begin the mission of catching Tobin Winfield in Red Dead Online you will have to go to any of the reward boards in the game, these are marked with a pink symbol of a reward poster on the map. Right there you should find the Winfield reward you can get if you are registered as a bounty hunter.

In this mission Tobin will not be the only objective, you will also have to recover a lot of actions with which Tobin fled while escaping the law.

When you start the mission you will have to watch a short scene before appearing in the city of Thieves Landing to try to catch Tobin Winfield. From there you will have to go to the separate area that has a large fire and Tobin will perform in another scene.

Since he escaped, Tobin has made many enemies and asks you to follow him to take you where the facts are hidden because he is supposed to be willing to cooperate as long as you protect him from his enemies. So get on your horse and follow him (we recommend having a weapon at hand because here begins the action to catch this corrupt Red Dead Online).

When they are on their way to look for the facts, Tobin's enemies will begin to appear attacking from an elevated bridge and then chasing the horses. This will make scared Tobin jump horse and run behind a tree and the enemies will flank him.

Unless you want to repeat the mission, we recommend doing everything possible to prevent the former mayor of Red Dead Online from dying. Stay close to him and check your minimap to see where the enemies are coming from.

Stay very alert so that the former mayor does not die or else you will have to start over from Thieves Landing.

When you finish with all the cannon enemies, Tobin will get on his horse and the journey in search of the facts will continue. But don't be confused, catching Tobin Winfield involves more than one battle.

After the first confrontation at a point in your search for events, another wave of enemies will appear, this battle is not as long as the first and is much easier. There will not be so many enemies here however you cannot neglect Tobin, protect him to prevent him from dying.

Crouching near the former mayor will allow you to shoot the enemies that appear on the hill and behind you.

After the second confrontation your way to catch Tobin Winfield becomes a little easier for a moment. At this point you have probably wondered why not catch Tobin Winfield from the beginning and complete this Red Dead Online mission since we met him. But unfortunately things are not easy, and we must go through a process before achieving our goal.

Overcoming the second confrontation will allow them to get the facts that were hidden under a nearby rock, marked on your minimap.

Once you have the facts, catching Tobin Winfield is the following.

The former mayor will follow you back to jail, but he would rather not be tied to the back of a horse because of pride and moral issues according to him. However, despite what he says you will have to tie him equally, he will complain but you have to do it, although you might not tie him but in the next confrontation you will have to do it equally.

Once you have the facts if Tobin dies it will not mean as such a failure in the mission, so you can let him die at this point, you can also complete this Red Dead Online mission only that the reward will be less, but of course, the idea is to avoid that he dies so when you take him to Armadillo you will have to continue protecting him from the enemies they will attack.

On the way to Winfield the last confrontation will take place, almost at the end of the confrontation the last enemy will attack the horse in which Tobin is tied, so you will have to use your weapons and equipment to protect him and prevent him from dying, make sure you have given him consumables of resistance to your horse so that at this point he does not tire.

Kill all the enemies of the last confrontation to be able to take Tobin to jail in case he is still alive and successfully complete this Red Dead Online mission.

The most complicated confrontation when you want to catch Tobin Winfield in Red Dead Online is the first, and the following are much simpler and if you have the facts you will have already done a good part of the mission, we hope that our guide will be very useful for you to complete the mission quickly, we recommend following it to the letter ie to complete it and get the full reward when delivering Tobin alive.

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