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Red Dead Online: How to Become a Moonshiner - tips and tricks

2019-12-16 13:39:41

We have made for you a Red Dead Online guide where we will explain how to become a Moonshiner.

 It is good to know that in order to become a Moonshiner it is important to have some experience as Trader, because it is the only way to start this trip, because it depends on being able to run our own smuggling business, because it is important to have Note that Red Dead Online already has the Moonshiner Frontier Pursuit available, and we must be part of it as well.


How to become a Moonshiner in Red Dead Online?

 The first thing we must do is meet certain requirements:

  •  ü Perform a job as a Trader.
  • ü Complete at least 1 Trader Sale mission or be Trader Rank 5.
  • ü Have more than 15 gold bars for a butcher's table in the camp and bring certain materials to crypto, with this we complete the mission of Quick Merchant Sales.

 With these requirements on top, it is finally time to talk with Cripps, as he will direct us to a smuggler named Maggie Fike, we get her at Emerald Ranch, once we find her it is important to choose one of the 5 locations for our Moonshiner Shack, then, is where we will have our preferences and visualize the areas of the map through which we will move continuously.

What are the locations where we can perform our Moonshiner Shack in Red Dead OnlinE?


  •  Tall trees.
  • Bayou Nwa.
  • Hearts.
  • Grizzlies
  • Hennigan's Stead.


 It is good to keep in mind that knowing how to become a Moonshiner, requires to carry out 8 initial configuration which has a cost of 15 gold bars, of course that does not mean that you only have that one location option, well, you have the possibility of changing location when you consider it necessary, because, in the future it is possible that you do it, because anyone likes to change airs and here you can do it, only you must pay a fee of $ 250 in the free roaming menu, which It is a somewhat high cost, there Maggie takes care of the house above with the purpose of maintaining coverage, while the moonlight operation ends in the basement.


 You and Maggie have the possibility to carry out a series of businesses, as this leads you to carry out certain missions, which can be done individually or in a gang, because the objective here is to help you get revenge from those who have hurt you, This offers us the possibility that our business can be increased and expanded, in this way we managed to rise to the Moonshiner level, because with this we have the opportunity to unlock some equipment, we have the possibility of attracting new customers with live music, and a `dance floor, as well as to customize our underground bar, which represents excellent progress.

 With this we reach the end of the guide on How to become a Moonshiner in Red Dead Online, we hope it is useful enough and you can move on in this game.

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