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Red Dead Online Has New Open-World Western

2019-02-26 21:36:10

Despite major titles like Rock Dead Games' Red Dead Redemption, it is still not common to find a title based on the Old West.

However Outlaws of the Old West developed by Virtual Basement, an online version of survival on the timeless concept of Western objectives seeks to give a different touch to this, allowing you to have adventures in vast plains and snowy mountains to survive in lawless lands of the Old West, ajua vaquero!

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It is expected to come out next March 12 for PC users as a kind of trial version and it is expected that the PS4 and Xbox One version will arrive soon, seeking to gather 150 players in an open world game, where they will have to go collecting objects, food, etc. Already in the game the players will start with few or maybe no resources in their power, so going doing more and more materials will be one of the keys to get far here, but if you can not satisfy the hunger and thirst of your character and you die, the things that you have over at that moment can be picked up by any lucky person who finds them. You should be careful with the bandits who are behind your belongings, you should even take care of the ravages of nature.

Outlaws the main mode of the game, we are well known for adventures based on survival, but what gives it its own touch is the environment of the old west, something that Tim Hesse Executive Producer explained the reason for this saying: "one of the Main reasons why we chose the scenario was underutilization, "the developers had experience working on other survival games, and they love the Western environment, and honestly, there are not many games like that out there. It's a bit harder to make a game in the West, because if you made a science fiction survival game, you could create anything you wanted, with Outlaws, we're limited to the time period, which keeps things focused. "

In Outlaws if you get the resources that are necessary to survive the elements progressively you will go climbing until you become an experienced survivor, this will allow you to venture with much more comfort.

In Outlaws you can also build houses and work in some professions.

In your environment you can find some NPC characters such as bandits, miners and others, but almost always the contact will be with the other players.

You will be free to hold parties, to create guilds, even to steal, but this will give you the wrong fame.

In general, the game has a game mechanic quite successful and interesting, making you get something to get something as in reality you should get other things to achieve the goal, either materials to make a loop, a wheel or other objects.