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Red Dead Online Guide: How to Start New Missions

2019-05-20 18:53:07

The beta phase of Red Dead Online is a thing of the past after the last massive update of Red Dead Redemption 2, which adds new history missions that continue with the search line "A land of opportunities", new additions have also been added missions which are available to all users for free, new challenges, dynamic events, a new hostility system, multiplayer poker, new elements such as the Poncho and the LeMat Revolver and also a new Showdown mode.

With more and more content entering the game some new Red Dead Online missions can be confusing to find and start.

But you absolutely must not worry about anything, we have prepared a guide so you know exactly how to start the new missions including the new story missions and the free Red Dead Online missions. then.

How the New Missions Work in Red Dead Online

Missions of Red Dead Online Story.

After jumping to the history missions in Red Dead Online, you'll have to complete the tutorial and unlock the free mobile map, don't worry, this is quite easy to get.

Once the tutorial is completed, open the map and you will see the missions marked in yellow, when you start the new missions you'll have to join and make a matchmake in a closed lobby.

To start the new missions of the story mode you must have completed some missions before the new patch of Red Dead Online, including the mission "Kill them, each and every one" to start the new mission "Destroyed by pain".

Red Dead Online Free Roam Missions.

Obviously and as expected the free missions are different to the missions of the story mode, this is because they take place in the open world of Red Dead Online or that interference from other players may exist.

The free missions have a symbol that is a bit difficult to describe on the map, but in order to start the new free missions you'll have to talk to Thomas, the skiff captain in Bayou Nwa or Aberdeen Pig Farmers.

There are chances that Red Dead Online will become a success, as well as the title of Rockstar GTA V Online and more if we consider that Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best-selling games in 2019 so far, besides that developers have said that they have much, much more new content to launch soon in Red Read Online.