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Rebel Without a Pulse is a very lively game, and today it leads us to discover How to beat the chainsaw militia boss, let's see.

What to know about Rebel Without a Pulse?

In our journey there will be many enemies that we have to face, highlighting the normal civilians, police and the militia, highlighting that the latter are a group that are well armed with shotguns that have under their control the commercial center of the city, being a zombie looking for brains, at the end of this level we will have a fight against a boss, which can be complicated compared to the previous ones up to this point, so to help us in How to beat the head of the chainsaw militia we are going to consider the next tips in this guide, let's see them below.

How to beat the chainsaw militia boss in Rebel Without a Pulse?

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It is necessary that we reach the top of the mall to meet this boss, after having passed through some enemies of the militia, taking into account the shotguns they use, we must take care of the power of the bursts, but they can only shoot 2 times in a row, so they will have to reload and at that moment is when we will take advantage of Rebel Without a Pulse to attack them, then we have to continue our way until we reach the Central Park platform, a scene will be presented where a huge subject will be carrying a chainsaw, this is our objective, what we will do at the beginning is to leave the store and in turn with whistles make the zombies follow us, something that will be a distraction to attack, as for how to defeat the head of the chainsaw militia It is important that we do not use special abilities, because they do not do anything to the boss, on the contrary we end up killing our zombies.

As soon as we have the boss of us or our zombies close, he will start the handling of the chainsaw, when we see that he has moved it 3 consecutive times he will have to pause, which will give us an important window to attack him in a couple of melee occasions, if we look for more than 2 attacks we can lose some health, we just have to be patient so that it is stunned to continue affecting it in Rebel Without a Pulse, if we get hit we have to flee until our health regeneration is achieved, something useful is that this boss does not use ranged attacks and is handled very slowly, which will give us many options on how to beat the head of the chainsaw militia, when we have given enough blows he will drop the head to one side and at this moment we can tear off his left arm, but this will not kill him, with the same arm we can attack him several times and thus cause him considerable damage, at least On 3 occasions, we only have to take advantage of the gaps to attack until he is stunned to go through his brains, and finally we will finish this fight.

 We can conclude that knowing how to beat the chainsaw militia boss is easier than we thought, we just have to follow these tips, and we can continue to progress in Rebel Without a Pulse.

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