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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw: How to improve your standing

2019-08-23 00:14:12

In this guide we show you how to improve your standing  in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, we hope to help you, you will have a series of different factions to interact with players.

In Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, you will get a series of different features that you need to be able to interact with the players. As you progress through the game, your actions may increase or decrease your position or reputation with those factions. Now, how to improve your standing , everything will depend on the missions and challenges that each player takes or rejects, in the same way things like your behavior or aggression.

How to improve the reputation in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

If you allow your reputation to fall, you will have less fortunate events, otherwise you will get more favorable interactions. The most correct way to increase your reputation with factions is to be friendly with them. You must complete objectives when they are available, and do not tear down random crafts.

The bartender will provide you with information about a reward, once you accept the search, you must track and eliminate the objective, with this you will improve your standing  with the police faction increased from 0 to a blue star. This will make you have an upward progression in your reputation as well as the state of relationship with the police.

Keep in mind recommendations because if you start sending laser beams in your direction, you will be on the wrong side of the law, so a red star will appear, this indicates that you have a negative position with the fraction.

This is all we hope that this guide has been of your help and interest in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and you can have an answer to your question of how to improve your standing, do not forget to be kind to the law to obtain good position in addition to a favorable relationship with the police.

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