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RE Legend: How to tame animals - tips and tricks

2019-09-02 22:16:31

This time we are pleased to help you through this RE Legend guide, in one of your concerns, such as domesticating animals and being able to turn them into your pets.


Capturing animals, tame them, take them to the farm and put them into battle is one of the main goals of RE Legend. These creatures in the game are called Magnus, most of them you can tame and integrate into your group, so you can take advantage of your farm or to help you in combat. But first you must know how to tame animals you get in the game, it is something simple to do.

How to capture animals in RE Legend

Each of the animals in RE Legend, are very important and specific requirements are required in each of them, which you need to possess. One of the main features is unlocked when you start the game, once you get Draconnewt you have to give it as Tasty Meet bait, that is, you add it to your toolbar then you must select it and this way it is already yours. Be careful not to press the selection button twice because you will eat it.

When you select it, right click and in this way you will get the animal under its power, it is good to clarify that it will be selected if you have managed to conquer it, you will realize if I achieve it because an icon of hearts will appear above the animal's head, of what Otherwise you have to continue feeding until you achieve the goal.

How to tame animals in RE Legend

Once you've caught it, you have to approach the animal by pressing the direction that the arrow marks inside the circle, this can have sudden changes, so be very aware. When you finish this mini-game you will already assume that you have your first domesticated animal.

You know how to tame animals, so you just have to ride it and fight with it, then press G to get off the Magnus. You have to keep in mind that all animals do not like the same type of food, so prepare different types and try each of the animals you find.


This is all for now, we hope we have been of your help in RE Legend, and that from this moment it will be easier and more fun to tame animals and train them according to their purposes.

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