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RE Legend, is a very challenging game, in which you must put a lot of boldness to learn it since it is a bit difficult, however in this guide we will teach you how to fish for your farm.

This RE Legend minigame, you have to learn very important fishing techniques, only then can you get aquatic creatures and be able to stock your ponds on the farm and be able to sell it to the townspeople. The first thing you should do is get specific places to fish, master some specific techniques and with this you will know how to fish.

How to fish in RE Legend?

The first thing you should do in RE Legend, is to launch your fishing line, from the water's edge and keep the rod in your hands. It is easy to recognize a fishing spot because you will see an icon at the top, when you see it you just have to click, when the rope falls into the water the fish sharpens you, the main trick is to wait for the fish to bite 3 times, once press the button again and it will be hooked in this way. You will have two specific fishing places.

Once you have learned how to fish, you have to be very attentive to the two bars, one will indicate the durability, you can not let it reach the red color because it will break and you will not be able to catch the fish. The second bar shows you the icon of a fish, it indicates the strength of a fish which you have to go down to 0 in order to catch it.

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    How to extract the fish from the water in RE Legend?

    Unfortunately we have no more information on the screen than the two bars in RE Legend. From the moment the fish has been hooked you must keep the button to bring the fish to the shore. It is important that you keep in mind that the less resistance the berry has, the fish the resistance of the rod decreases, to avoid this happening you have to maintain a balance, that is, while attracting the fish, do not raise the rod much, be aware of the bars.

    We know when and how to fish, however when we do it improvised the fish is very resistant, we will know when to do it because the fish icon will appear, you must be careful if you do so since you run the risk that the rope breaks, the trick is to keep pressing the arrow to improve your rod, you have to alternate rolled and control to dominate the fish and not let it escape.

    We hope that through our guide you have learned how to fish in RE Legend, remember to be aware of the two bars of your desk, remember that your rope should not reach red and that of the resistance of the fish has to fall to 0.