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Nokk and Warden are the new operators of Rainbow Six Siege and so you know everything, everything from how to unlock Warden, his weapons, Warden's skills, his style and everything you need and you should know about Warden below.

First let's talk about how to unlock Warden in Rainbow Six Siege, and unfortunately it will not be so for now, but not so in the future. You can unlock Warden when you start Season 2 of Year 4, or Operation Phantom Sight, in June.

The good news for some, but perhaps not so good for others, is that Warden and Nokk will be available to everyone with the Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 pass.

The Phantom Sight operation is already in the middle of the test servers as of May 21, so it is likely that Year 4 Season 2 will be available to everyone shortly.

It's expected that between the stations that go to the test servers and then to all the world only a little more than two weeks are missing, so if our calculations are true on June 11 and we have the Year 4 pass we should be able to access to Operation Phantom Sight and unlock Warden completely free.

Nokk & Warden - Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay

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    How to unlock Warden in Rainbow Six Siege

    But those who do not have the Year 4 pass will have to let a week pass after the official launch of Operation Phantom Sight to finally be able to unlock Warden.

    Like all operators Rainbow Six Siege Warden is also equipped with its own set of weapons and skills.

    A low-speed Defender class operator with a high and high armor rating, Warden is equipped with the following weapons:

    Main weapons:

        M590A1 Shotgun.
        MPX SMG

    Secondary weapons

        P-10C Gun.
        SMG-12 Mechanical gun devices.
        Deployable shield and barbed wires.

    Knowing the weapons of Warden, we have defined that the new operator of Rainbow Six Siege is perfectly useful in situations of shootings and thanks to its unique ability that allows Warden out of complicated situations and full of smoke makes it perfect for defense situations.

    Smart glasses from Warden's Glance

    Warden's Glance smart glasses are something never before seen in Rainbow Six Siege.

    Warden's Glance smart glasses allow you to see through the smoke by eliminating the effects of flash or the effects of flash devices.

    Despite being a super useful piece in your toolkit, Warden's Glance smart glasses work as long as you want, if you move the smoke will affect your vision the same. In addition, there is a fixed cooldown for smart glasses. So if you thought to use smoke grenades or something related to flash you will have to change strategy.

    Ubisoft also wanted to comment on the subject giving some recommendations about Operation Phantom Sight on its official website.

    Warden is a highly armed slow-moving Defender Operator

    Ubisoft has said that Warden is a highly armed, slow-moving Defender Operator so he is not recommended to wait for opponents.

    Warden is not exactly the best choice during a remote shooting, much less if he is armed with the M590A1 Shotgun or the MPX Submachine Gun. Keep in mind that SMGs can be useful in almost all scenarios, they will lose many other weapons at a reasonable distance. Only Warden's armor will last.

    As we mentioned Warden is perfectly useful in defense situations, if so it's because that is his main skill and should be used in that way, but his ability does not work in the best way when he is in movement.

    Use it to play as Guardian

    Always try to play as a guardian, shielding yourself with your allies using the Warden Deployable Shield and Barbed Wire down to cover and counteract any enemy that uses flash devices, such as Ying and Blitz.

    But if the smoke or the flashbangs reach you, turn on those Glance smart glasses always being in an area where you can attack safely to maintain control, but if you lose it move quickly and recover it again.

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