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Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Burnt Horizon, the new season

2019-03-06 21:18:14

Ubisoft has announced for today the arrival of "Operation Burnt Horizon" the new season for today and is based on the hot and hard places of Australia in addition to many new things.

"Operation Burnt Horizon" will seek to become an expert tactical shooter of Rainbow Six: Siege which reached its fourth year of life in December.

On this occasion we expected the adventure to be in Morocco, but Ubisoft has decided to take us to Australia.

During the Six Invitational 2019, Ubisoft made the official announcement of the new season, which was finally scheduled to be released today March 6, but the developers did not disclose the exact time in which the video game will go into maintenance to receive to Operation Burnt Horizon.

Apart from Mozzie and Gridlock we expect two new operators, which is only available to members of the Season Pass service. The rest will be able to unlock the new characters next week.

Attacker Gridlock is based on the unique spines of Trax, these when activated release a hexagonal nail beam which becomes slower and deals damage to enemies.

The new defender in Rainbow Six: Siege, Mozzie, uses his assassins to shoot small bots that obscure the camera of the drone in addition to giving you control of the devices.

The new season also adds the Outback map which is an inhospitable service station and is divided into three parts workshop, the motel and the restaurant.

In the Y4S1 of "Rainbow Six: Siege" the developers also released a new patch which includes great changes in the shooter.

They are expected to also implement a "playlist" for new players, which rubs shoulders with players who do not exceed level 50.

In addition, the playlists, both loose and classified, were redesigned allowing players to have a large amount of new statistics.

They also added an elite set for Hibana and several weapon covers.

An exhaustive review was made on the animations, bug fixes and balance changes.

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