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We invite you to discover How to get mute protocol in this explanatory guide of Rainbow Six Siege.

What to know about mute protocol in Rainbow Six Siege?

It is a special event, where we will have the possibility of obtaining some masks based on robots and a special weapon, now this is possible if we can know how to get mute protocol, when starting the episode there are some problems accessing This, it should be noted that it is already solved, so a restart of the game should be enough, now we must focus on the content that we will have later in this guide, let's do it with great attention.
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    How to get mute protocolin Rainbow Six Siege?

    The cost of the protocol of silence package has a cost of 11500 Recognition, it is important if we have access to the different cosmetics it brings, the first of the packages we will obtain by simply completing the challenge of the special event, this will be free and just by starting the game when said event is live it is enough to have our package, then the Renown credits allow us to access more of these packages and their interesting content, although there are situations with some of us regarding the fact of a failure upon receiving the package, it should be noted that it was solved and therefore we will have it.

    It is evident that knowing how to get mute protocol allows us to have more fun in Rainbow Six Siege.

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