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With our Rainbow Six Siege guide you will learn more about How to earn Renown.

What is renown in Rainbow Six Siege?

It is a currency that is obtained by the activities that we are carrying out in the game, with this we can make purchases of operators and cosmetics, only that gathering this by quantity becomes a problem, so it is necessary that we know how to gain popularity and in This guide will be explained in precise details, let's see it below.

How to earn Renown in Rainbow Six Siege?

There are several possibilities of gaining popularity and these are as follows:

  • Play with the situations and tutorials: this is a menu that we will find in Rainbow Six Siege that allows us to enter tutorials, consequently with this 200 R6 credits, which turns out to be the Premium currency, with it, we can make any type of purchase, being necessary that everyone the difficulty levels are completed, thus achieving thousands of this coin, but we also have a section that tells us about tutorials with videos, when viewing some we can add 200 of this in terms of How to gain renown, by viewing all of them we get an extra bonus than 200 more in popularity.
  • Classified list: this is the most complex when playing in Rainbow Six Siege, because we face other players who have an outstanding skill level, certainly for each game it is possible to solve How to gain renown in greater quantity, but if we manage to perform Withdrawals will be punished, this before the end of the games, you have to be in it between 15 and 30 minutes, which will result in profit by gaining popularity.

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    • In the training field: there are several types of games, where each one has different situations, no matter what we play in Rainbow Six Siege it is necessary to do it in realistic difficulty, it will certainly turn out to be the most complicated in difficulty, but it is also the one that we allow you to solve How to gain renown in quantities, more quickly through PvE during PvP modes, now if we do it alone, it is necessary that we take into account the hostage protection combats, which requires killing the enemies while they go appearing.
    • Play first: through this option it is possible to unlock some bonuses, which are different between seasons, taking into account that a renowned package can be seen as a reward in Rainbow Six Siege, being possible to use it with Amazon Prime in a way free for a month, then with the help of these kinds of articles it is possible to understand How to gain popularity while playing at Rainbow Six Siege.
    • Ubisoft's connection: a registration in this place can allow us to access a series of challenges that will allow us to solve How to gain renown for the experience obtained when completing them, something that will happen in some of them, highlighting that there is a time limit for them to be present on the menu, being necessary to complete them at a certain time then.
    • The season pass: it can be somewhat economical to use this method in Rainbow Six Siege, where we can improve our reputation through access to the challenges that are going to grant us, even the Premium track is a viable option to win it, being ideal for our earnings increase as to How to gain popularity.

    Knowing how to earn Renown is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Rainbow Six Siege.

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