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Today we bring a Rainbow Six Mobile guide where we will talk about All operators.

Why talk about operators in Rainbow Six Mobile?

  This is a game that is usually available to enjoy both on Android and iOS and where we are allowed to have the ability to choose between several operators that are usually part of this game, in this sense we must take into account that there is the possibility of have attackers and defenders

What are all operators in Rainbow Six Mobile?

To date, the complete list of operators that make life in this game is not made up, however, there are some names that have seen the light, even though the game as such has not been released.

  Here are the attacking Operators that we can use to attack targets from the outside and have infiltration as a device, these are:

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    • Hibana.
    • Ash.
    • Sled.
    • Termite.
    • Twitch.


      Here are the defending operators that usually always play on the defense side and have the quality of digging in, as well as keeping attackers away, these are:


    •   Smoke.
    • Be quiet.
    • cave.
    • Valkyrie.
    • Bandit.


      This is everything we know about All Operators, we just have to wait while more information is leaked in Rainbow Six Mobile.

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