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Today we bring you a Hordin Fragment Guide to talk specifically about Raid Shadow Legends.

What should we know about the Hordin Shards in Raid Shadow Legends?

  Due to a recent update, many new features and contents arrived, among which are the hordin fragments, it is a class of special objects and we must take into account a number of details and in this Hordin Fragment Guide we will have answers , among which is added the fact that with the gold bars now within our reach we can use them in the bazaar, let's go ahead with the following content with great attention.

Hordin's Fragment Guide in Raid Shadow Legends

These fragments are specific to each of the champions, depending on the character, in this case we talk about those of Hordin that will be for Hordin, in this game we have many variants of timed events, competitions and tournaments, so the opportunities they are wide, considering that at the time of our choice of Hordin on the portal to invoke by clicking on the i icon. we find that there is no way that we can obtain the fragment, this is because they can only be obtained in events and tournaments, however it is good to know that a new event is coming with which we can have great options that bring these fragments, so we should only be patient and attentive to what may come.

  Thus we come to the end of the Hordin Fragment Guide, knowing that we will not have access to these yet and we must be attentive to what is to come in Raid Shadow Legends.

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