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Rage 2 Weapon Guide: description of all weapons and how to unlock

2019-05-14 19:04:50

Are you a fan of Rage 2? Discover what they are and how to unlock weapons.

In Rage 2 you must take into account the use of powerful weapons, because the more powerful they are, the more advantages you will have in front of your opponents, but like all action games, Rage 2 has its difficulties when it comes to getting weapons, since they are located in very specific places.

If you want to know what are all the weapons like for example: Hyper-Cannon, continue reading, then we will present a guide to describe and unlock them.

Rage 2 | Weapons and Abilities Gameplay

Rage 2 Weapon List

- Sidewinder Pistol: It's a weapon strong enough to hit and stop mutants, and is unlocked immediately when the game starts.

- Ranger Assault Rifle: It's an automatic rifle, very versatile, high speed, you can unlock it in the opening sequence when the armor of ranger is equipped.

- Combat Shotgun: It is an armored shotgun and turns deadly against unarmed fools.

- RANGER WEAPON LOG 002 - Location unknown

- Smart Rocket Launcher: This weapon is capable of firing highly explosive missiles just by aiming at the target.

- LAst seen in the city of Strongbox, now under the command of Goon Squad.

- Grav-Dart Launcher: Has the ability to spray the target full of gravity darts and throw them as if they were ragdolls.

the scans indicate that it can be found in the Needle Falls area.

- Firestorm Revolver: It's a very powerful weapon, since it can make incendiary shots capable of adhering to anything they hit, also with this revolver you can use the alternative shooting mode to illuminate your target.

- REGISTER OF ARMS OF RANGER 006 - Traces of nanotrites indicate that this firearm can be obtained in the Dank Catacombs.

- Hyper-Cannon: This weapon is triggered with a single trigger, however, when you aim, you can charge it before launching it with a devastating effect. It's considered a first strike weapon.

is within the jurisdiction of the Authority in Greenhaven.

- Charged Pulse Cannon: This weapon can fire superheated energy beams and melts the faces.

- RANGER ARMS RECORD 008 - This weapon is under a secret immortal lock and key, located in the vault.

With this we finalize the list of weapons in Rage 2, the new first-person shooter video game available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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