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Rage 2 Trophy Guide - All details

2019-05-17 18:07:59

The new first person shooter game, Rage 2, in addition to offering a very good experience in your matches, also brings you a series of trophies that you can win, with which you can test your skills. Today at xboxplay.games we will leave you some details that we have collected regarding the trophies in Rage 2.

Trophies of Rage 2

Rage 2 brings trophies that you can win. These elements are found in the categories Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. There are 43 trophies in total and all you win online.

The 43 trophies that are in Rage 2 are distributed in the following way: 1 platinum, 4 Gold, 5 silver and 33 Bronze. There is no trophy you can lose.

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Trophies with faults in Rage 2

In Rage 2 you will find trophies that have flaws. Up to now it's known that they are 3. When you find that a trophy presents faults, since you can not win, you can try to do two things.

The first thing you can try is to install the game again meets the requirement, again, to win the trophy.

If the first does not work, then you can try unlinking your Uplay account from your PSN account. Successive to this creates a new Uplay account and links this to your PSN.

Considerations for some Trophies

You must bear in mind that for one of the trophies, the difficulty mode counts. To win the "Hard as Nails" trophy, you need to overcome all the missions on difficult difficulty.

It's estimated that all trophies can be won by playing the game only once. In addition to this, you've the possibility to move freely in the world of Rage 2 after finishing the story.

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