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Rage 2: How to unlock and use cheats

2019-05-31 18:28:18

 Little more than 15 days have passed since Rage 2 premiered. The first-person shooter video game developed by Avalanche Studios and id Software, is a pretty crazy video game in and of itself. But ... what would happen if we add unlock and use cheats?

But Rage 2 becomes an even more insane video game by having to unlock and use the tricks, adding voice-overs and increasing your powers in Rage 2.

But do not trust, unlock and use the  Rage 2 cheats is not as easy as we would like. But do not worry so much about that, we want to make your work easier, so you can unlock and use the Rage 2 Cheats in a more efficient way by knowing all the details your operation needs. So, are you ready to unlock and use the Rage 2 Cheats?

Rage 2 How to Activate CHEATS - Where to Find the Wasteland

How to unlock and use the Rage 2 Cheats.

The first thing you should know to unlock and use the Cheats in Rage 2, is that they have a completely different operation than we could imagine based on the tricks of other games.

The first thing you have to do to be able to unlock and use Cheats in Rage 2 is to find a street vendor called Mangoo, who we are going to detail a bit more. Once you find the Rage 2 street vendor, you can unlock the cheats by buying them with Rage 2 money.

So, how to locate Mangoo the Unborn, the Wasteland Wizard?

The truth is that this is something a little more difficult, because besides not appearing on the map, Mangoo moves too much and determining its exact location can be complicated and maybe a bit imprecise.

The case is we have looked for it in two different opportunities and we have coincided in finding it in the same place in the two opportunities, reason why we believe that its location is to the northeast of The Wilds.

But if you can not find it in the northeast of The Wilds, some users have reported on the network that they could find it in the Sekreto Wastelands region near the southern border or near the Mutant Bash TV arena on the west side, others they said they found it in the Torn Plains region, near White Stop in the northwest and according to the report of other users, they could find it in the Broken Tract region, near the Eden Space Center, southeast or southeast of Gunbarrel, near the Lost Cause. But even though we have been looking for it in these places several times we have not been able to see it, in the same way there is nothing else that you try and see if you can get it in any of them.

Once you find it you can buy to unlock the cheats by doing it from your store which has some green balloons on top.

Use the Rage 2 Cheats

We have already been able to unlock the Rage 2 Cheats, now it's time to activate and use.

For this you will have to go to the Settings menu, and then go down to where it says "cheats". From there you can control when you use the  Rage 2 cheats to activate and unlock them.

The first objective is already achieved, unlock and use the Rage 2 cheats. Now you must know that some tricks will send an alert that the trick you are activating will make it impossible to win more Trophies or Achievements after activating it. However, the voice-overs and the Progress Booster will not give this problem that is exclusive to cheaters.

 Rage 2 Cheats that you can unlock and use.

  •     Progress Booster for a price of $ 500. Double all the feltrite collected for four hours.
  •     Super Overdrive for a price of $ 1,000. Fury even stronger and increase the power of your Overdrive!
  •     Son of Thor for a price of $ 2,000. You have been astonished! Now redirect it to your enemies and electrocute them.
  •     Rain of red barrel for a price of $ 2,000. It's raining explosives, alleluia! Drop a group of red barrels in front of you.
  •     Super Wingstick for a price of $ 1,000. Your favorite killer boomerang, now with unlimited redirects!
  •     He is on fire for a price of $ 2,000. BOOMSHAKALAKA! Activate this trick so that the legendary announcer Tim Kitzrow comments on all your movements.
  •     Diamond Geezer for a price of $ 2,000. Cockney Geezer Danny Dyer narrates while you play. Proper naughty.
  •     Git Gud for a price of $ 1,000. Stop being a casual git and git. All enemies fall in one blow.
  •     Super Phoenix for a price of $ 1,000. Did you think that the Phoenix was already defeated? Well, think again!

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