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Rage 2 : How to Kill Enemies In One Hit and Double Feltrite

2019-05-24 19:08:28

Surely you've wondered many times how to kill enemies in one fell swoop and double feltrite in Rage 2, so don't worry anymore about that.

We have prepared a guide for you to know how to kill enemies in one fell swoop and double feltrite in Rage 2 by unlocking tricks and we will tell you how to unlock the tricks in the first place.

If your interest is to unlock tricks in Rage 2, you'll have to buy them in a Wasteland Wizard called Mangoo the Unborn and to use them you'll have to activate them in the menu. But it isn't necessarily necessary to enter tricks in Rage 2 if you don't want it.

After we have unlock them and get to kill your enemies in one fell swoop with them, we also tell you where to find Mangoo the Unborn to buy cheat codes which we'll detail right away.


Unlock tricks in Rage 2

First of all, you'll have to find Mangoo the Unborn, however, this will not be an easy task because it appears and disappears constantly. So we wish you luck to find him wandering the open world.

If you find Mangoo you can identify him because he travels with three balloons and a hut.

Two of the places where we can find Mangoo one is towards the western border of this region, where there is a large marshy island behind two buildings, near the conservative Heat Ranger Echo and Dweller Mutie Nest.

You can see the hut on the northwest side of the island while Mangoo is sitting on a small hill just above the marsh.

The other is in the swamps in the lower southeast corner of the region, and north of Squelch Bandit Den.

You can also find it northwest of the Eden Space Center in the southeast corner of the broken tract, in the ruins of the overpass bridge along with the main road leading to the space center, near The Edge Bandit den in the south central area of ​​this region or on the east side of The Wilds on a shallow lake island that sits just below the echo of the Abadon Sanctum ranger.

Without more we leave you all the tricks of Rage 2 with its cost and ability so that you know how to kill enemies in a single blow and double feltrite.

The enemies of Git Gud fall in one blow. It costs $ 1,000.

Son of Thor The enemies are electrocuted when they approach. Costs $ 2,000

Support from Klegg. Invokes Klegg Clayton as an AI partner. This trick can be unlocked for free.

Phoenix Rejector Sea. Players stay on the ground while the Phoenix flies in the air. It costs $ 1,000. The voice actor of

Diamond Geezer. Danny Dyer, comment on your movements. It costs $ 2,000. Drop of

Red barrel rain. Leave a group of explosive red barrels in front of you. It costs $ 2,000.

Super Wingstick. Unleash a rotating blade that tracks and cuts enemies on their own. Cheat code allows unlimited redirects. It costs $ 1,000.

Progress Booster. Duplicate all feltritas collected during 4 hours. It costs $ 500.

Super Overdrive. Increase the power of your Overdrive ability. It costs $ 1,000.

The power of Super Phoenix. Phoenix is ​​powered. It costs $ 1,000.

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