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Rage 2 Guide: Where to find to Kvasir Lagooney

2019-05-14 19:34:51

And if you already have Rage 2, surely you've seen that at the beginning you need to find Kvasir Lagooney in Rage 2.

But finding Kvasir Lagooney can be a bit complicated, unless of course, you know exactly where to look.

 But don't worry because we have it, we have prepared for you a Rage 2 guide so you know where to look and where to find Kvasir Lagooney in an easier way.

Where Find Kvasir Lagooney

To find Kvasir Lagooney, first check the Rage 2 map and look for the search marker in the western quadrant of the map, specifically Lagooney and go there.

When you have reached Lagooney, walk until you reach the other side of the bridge.

To find Kvasir Lagooney you will not have to chat or waste time with anyone, simply enter Lagooney using the main bridge and you will see an intermittent sign. To the left of the job bank there is a man who simply relaxes, called Mo Rummy. Interact with him to find information about Kvasir Lagooney.

You will be able to find Kvasir Lagooney in a facility in the Sekreto Wetlands, you will have to finish with a few minor enemies and interact with the handscanner near the main facility to be granted the entrance. From there, it's a simple way to find Kvasir...