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Rage 2 Guide: Where to find all Vehicles, Helicopter, Monster Truck, etc.

2019-05-14 21:45:05

The map of the newly released Rage 2 first-person shooter is quite large, surely few want to go through it, because it would take forever.

But to avoid this, there are Rage 2 vehicles, very capable to jump, reach high speeds and much more to facilitate your movement through the world of Rage 2.

That is why we have decided to prepare a very complete guide so you can know a little more about Rage 2 vehicles.

RAGE 2 - Vehicles, Underground & Boss Fight Gameplay


To start with this vehicle guide in Rage 2, we have the "Phoenix"
combat vehicle in the first place, it has armor, fast, all terrain,
resistant and completely suitable for any terrain condition. In addition
to being the main combat vehicle of the Vineland Rangers.

This vehicle of Rage 2 is equipped with technology "Safe Mode" which has the mission to protect critical systems and facilitate the repairs of nanotrites in the field.

But don't limit yourself, you can make the modifications you want as long as you have the necessary parts.

It's unlocked at the beginning of the video game.


The second vehicle of Rage 2 is Rapture.

"Rapture" is a vehicle that was destined to a fast displacement, a vehicle quite compact, resistant and reliable. Unfortunately, it doesn't have offensive capabilities.

Speed ​​is one of the things that stands out in this vehicle has a sensitive handling and a slippery feeling.

It has a perfect compact frame and an excellent design that could be affected by any modification.


The next Rage 2 vehicle is the "Icarus",

is a single-seat Ark gyrocopter, which is used primarily for exploration missions on difficult terrain.

The Icarus was designed for agility, not for combat, as it does not provide coverage for the pilot.

It also has complex rotors that are prone to overheating in higher attitudes. As a result, it was never popular among Rangers assaulted in an open wasteland.


Competitive Racing Car.

Race cars in Rage 2 are equally destined for speed, feature high-power feltrite engines with 800 NM ft-lb torque to optimize acceleration, custom front and rear socks, and bumpers with custom valves, capable of spinning your tires at incredible speeds.

Chazcar Derby.
Xerxes III.
Authority Tank.

Usually this vehicle is seen more than anything in the páramo putting psychoterror, it's a relatively slow vehicle so in almost all cases it's better to run than take this option, after all the important thing is that they don't catch you.


The car "Sprayer", is a light and agile car of the Immortal Arsenal, is used mainly like interceptor or flexible rear protector for armored convoys. The highly advanced electric weapons of the Pulverizer and its efficient propulsion system make it a formidable enemy, in addition it has a mechanism that allows it to launch explosive mines.

It's well protected by its size, but is vulnerable when the launch mechanism is used, especially for cruise missiles.


The "Devastator", a compact, imposing and very well armed vehicle, however, has no flexibility, deployed as an assault vehicle or guard in convoys, has.

Equipped with advanced energy shields, they increased their defenses against small arms fire. Unfortunately it may have some weak points that can be perceived by the enemy.

Wind Razor

The "Wind Razor" bicycle has an electric generator that can produce chains of electricity within reach of other electric sources.


The "Rolla", is the lightest car that Goon Squad has. Bullies with a suicidal desire for fire and speed often drive these vehicles with reckless abandon.

It's usually seen hanging towards the back of a convoy, blocking the path of chasing vehicles leaving traces of fire with napalm bombs which leaves a lot to be desired to be quite weak.


The "Booma" is the heavy tank of Goon Squad, equipped with a powerful nuclear gun, has a seat for an artilleryman to shoot from the top.

Its weakness is the cruise missiles when it's recharging and is in the wasteland.

Nippa bike

Goon Squad's "Nippa bike" uses the weaponry in the hands of the riders to do as much damage as possible and just like the tank can be found in the wasteland.

Monster Trucks

The "Monster Trucks" is one of the most recent additions to River Hogs. It has an old design, is perfect for swampy or rocky areas and imposes absolute presence.

Kola Kong Conquest The KK Conquest

The "Kola Kong Conquest The KK Conquest", a family lounge car from Kola Kong, you can customize it by completely painting it. It can also be found in the páramo.

The Storm Chaser, slippery like a greased and equally popular BG burger, a comfortable and fast vehicle and very sought after by many users who can find it in the wasteland.

immobile dump truck

The "immobile dump truck", a super resistant vehicle, capable of being used in any situation or environment. Its weakness is the low speed, but greater advantage is its high power.