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Rage 2 Guide: Man or woman which is the best option to play

2019-05-15 15:05:36

The new Rage 2 shooter has recently hit the market, generating a series of non-stop controversies. One of the issues has been whether the choice to play as a man or woman has any influence of great relevance in the game. This is because at the beginning, the player must choose which sex he wants for his Walker, if he is male or female. Due to this, in this article of xboxplay.games we will talk about it will determine if there is any influential difference in the development of the game.

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Man or woman in Rage 2?

As already mentioned, when you start Rage 2 you are given the choice of the gender of your Walker, between male and female. However, no explanation is given, at the time of selection, as to whether choosing one or the other sex will imply differences in the game, beyond the physical appearance of Walker.

This has generated a series of questions as to whether Walker's partner will always be a woman, whether it would change the way people interact with Walker according to the gender you choose, or whether there would be differences in how the game develops. After making certain verifications in choosing a male or female walker, it was possible to notice if there are differences.

Difference between choosing a Male or Female Walker in Rage 2

Arrived here, for those who are wondering if choosing a male or female Walker will make a difference in the development of the game in Rage 2, we feel we are communicating that this isn't the case.

Whether you choose a male or female Walker, there will be no change in the development of Rage 2. This choice will only affect the physical appearance of your Walker in the game (including the voice, of course).

Indeed, it's indifferent if you choose a male or female Walker, the story in Rage 2 is going to be the same, the same post-apocalyptic chaos will remain, the same ally in the game: Lily will remain feminine and the interactions too.

Probably they only put the options of different sexes so that it is chosen according to the preference of the player, after all, nowadays there are more female players. If this was the reason, it's good that the choice of sex has been included.

Currently, Rage 2 is available for PC, Xbox one and PS4. Leave us a comment with your experiences, if you want to add something, if you have specific requests or doubts.