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Rage 2 Guide Learn How to heal and increase your health

2019-05-14 15:05:55

With the recent release of Rage 2, after the wait comes of many expectations and very well propaganda, this becomes a good time to talk a little about certain particular details that this game brings. One of the details is the process of healing, and that is that in Rage 2 this process works a little different since it goes beyond just waiting to heal you alone. But don't despair, today we come to give you some details about how to heal in Rage 2, as well as tips to increase your maximum health.

About Rage 2 (quickly)

Rage 2 is the new game of the first person shooter genre. It has been developed in an association of Avalanche Studios with id Software while its publication was commissioned by Bethesda Softworks.

As for the gameplay, in the game is controlled Walker, a ranger. With this you will have the opportunity to explore an open world of post-apocalyptic environment. In addition to this, the players are allowed to have access to a wide variety of weapons to which they can increase their power, as well as to improve them due to the fact that a progression system is presented.

In Rage 2, as in the previous installment, there are the nanotytes, which help improve the capabilities and can be used as enhancers, increasing your efficiency in combat. In addition to the combat with shots, in this title are also present the combats with vehicles, besides that the players are allowed to use any vehicle in the open world.
The launch of Rage 2 was scheduled for this May 14 in Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Rage 2: An Anarchist’s Guide to Enemies and Locations

How to heal in Rage 2

The healing in this new release, Rage 2, the healing process works a little more differently, because it isn't enough to stay still and wait for you to start healing yourself, contrary to that you must be more active. This means that you must move to look for resources with which you can regenerate your health.

The good thing is that if you have several alternatives to survive in terms of healing is concerned, plus you can also extend your maximum level of life, but you should know how to do it. Next we will give you some recommendations.

Feltrite helps you heal in Rage 2

The blue mineral Feltrite represents the main way to heal you in the world of Rage 2. This means that you must collect the fragments of Feltrite. In this way, each time you pick up this mineral, your health will be gradually restructured. As for how to pick it up, you can use your focus ability to suck it in this way, but you can also just step over it.

Infusions of health to cuararte in Rage 2

Although Feltrite is an alternative for healing, occasionally it may not be efficient enough, since it does not cure very quickly. Also, another viable alternative is the Health Infusions.
When your level of health is very low, you will get a notice indicating that you use the Health Infusion. These infusions have the ability to regenerate your health for four seconds. This can make a difference, since it is able to give you a good impulse to continue fighting.

The Overdrive can heal you in Rage 2

Another way you can also gain health is while you're in Overdrive. That said, it's good to know that occasionally it may be beneficial to hold on to a loaded Overdrive until you've gained some health. This can even allow you to get the additional damage characteristic, in addition to getting healing for free (without much effort).

How to increase your maximum health in Rage 2

Achieving the maximum health increase is not as simple as it sounds. This is because it isn't simply about increasing the size for the life bar, but you must spend a necessary time to improve your benefits.

The so-called Nanotrites in Rage 2, are the benefits that help you to improve your abilities, among them you can go from diminishing the amount of damage to receive until you even give yourself a second chance of life if you get to die. An example of capacity to improve may be to increase levels in Constitution, since doing so will reduce the amount of damage caused by enemy bullets.

Defibrillator of Nanotrites in Rage 2: auto-revivirte

Another thing you can do to improve your maximum health is to obtain the ability to self-revive when your level of health runs out. For this you must unlock the Nanotrite Defibrillator.

In Rage 2, when you unlock the Nanotrite Defibrillator, when you die you will be given the opportunity to play a minigame whose goal is to restart your heart. After successfully completing the mini-game you will return to the action, with a little health.

The Nanotrite Defibrillator can be found in the Ark of Canyon Cove. Go for it, since it's a very important element / skill in Rage 2.

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