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Rage 2 Guide: How to Find all Ark Locations

2019-05-16 20:45:48

Rage 2 was released a couple of days ago we have been testing it and we have been able to realize that Rage 2 can be completed in a very short period of time, but it does not create that after completing Rage 2 the fun simply ends.

Exploring the map and finding all the locations of the Arks of the game is also quite interesting.

But so that this does not become a true martyrdom, we have prepared a guide to find all the locations of the Arks of Rage 2. The game to these will unlock all the skills and weapons of the Rage 2, except the exclusive BFG 9000.

Rage 2 Ark Locations - All Ark Weapons and Nanotrite Abilities

Without much more than chatting we go to what matters to us, then we give you how to find all the locations of Ark in Rage 2:

Blackout Ark, gun Shotgun:

Ark: 402a.
Weapon: Shotgun.
Difficulty: n / a.
Utility: 4/4.

We recommend you get this weapon as fast as possible considering that this could be the best weapon of Rage 2. It is found during the Blackout mission after you head to Gunbarrel in Torn Plains.

Junkers Pass Ark, Shatter skill:

Ark: 416a.
Ability: Shatter.
Difficulty: 2
Utility: 1/4.

This is a pretty poor skill that leaves a lot to be desired located north of Vineland in the home region, Twisting Canyons.

Ark of the earthquake hill, vortex skill:

Ark: 403a.
Capacity: Vortex.
Difficulty: 2
Utility: 2/4.

This ability can also be found in Twisting Canyons, the hills northeast of Vineland.

It's a good skill, but not the best, I'd leave it for when it becomes my last and only resource. Its best use is to push you in the air to get rid of a stronger Slam attack.

Great Crack Ark, Grav-Jump skill:

Ark: 408a.
Ability: Grav-Jump.
Difficulty: 3
Utility: 2/4.

This ability can be found south of Gunbarrel, across the border in Torn Plains. It should appear on the map when leaving Vineland.

Said skill, as its name says, gives you a very useful jump that will allow you to escape many times without influencing the combat.

Earthscar's Ark, Slam ability:

Ark: 422a.
Ability: Slam.
Difficulty: 3
Utility: 4/4 Al.

The ability can be found north of Gunbarrel, in the Broken Tract region and near the border.

Slam is not only the strongest skill you'll find, it's also the most fun.

Strongbox Ark weapon, Smart Rocket Launcher:

Ark: 415b.
Weapon: Smart Rocket Launcher.
Difficulty: 4
Utility: 3/4.

Smart Rocket Launcher is a pretty powerful weapon that is able to disperse the crowds with ease and cause a good deal of damage to the bosses you can find just southeast of the Slam skill.

Canyon Cove Ark, Defibrillation capacity:

Ark: 404c.
Capacity: Defibrillation.
Difficulty: 5
Utility: 2/4.

This capacity of Rage 2 is located halfway between Vineland and Gunbarrel, on the boundary between its regions, and must be marked on the map.

It's an excellent skill for when you are in a hurry, what could complicate you is your grade 5 difficulty and another negative point is that Rage 2 reappears very quickly.

Dealypipe Ark, Rush skill:

Ark: 407a.
Ability: Rush.
Difficulty: 6
Utility: 1/4.

This ability is located west towards the Sekreto Wetlands, it can be found south of the city of the region, Lagooney.

Alluding to its name, the ability allows you to run faster for a short period of time, it's perfect for traversing vacant lots quickly.

Spikewind's Ark, Barrier ability:

Ark: 412b.
Skill: Barrier.
Difficulty: 6
Utility: 1/4.

This is one of the most useless skills in Rage 2, but if you want to find it's east of the Rush ability, near the border between Torn Plains and Sekreto Wetlands.

Ark of the covered vault, loaded pulse cannon weapon:

Ark: 411c.
Weapon: charged pulse cannon.
Difficulty: 6
Utility: 3/4.

The canyon is near the bottom of the southwest region, the Dune Sea. It's a high impact plasma weapon that is excellent against heads and cannon fodder alike.

Dank Catacomb Ark weapon, Firestorm Revolver:

Ark: 410b.
Weapon: Firestorm Revolver.
Difficulty: 7
Utility: 2/4.

It's located north of Lagooney, at the top of the Sekreto Wetlands, is a weapon that causes fairly minimal damage that is often used as a tool.

Needle Falls Ark, weapon Grav-Dart Launcher:

 Ark: 421c.
Weapon: Grav-Dart Launcher.
Difficulty: 7
Utility: 3/4.

A fun and functional weapon that lies north towards The Wilds, on the other side of Broken Tract.

You can kill large crowds of weaker enemies if you increase the ammo capacity, which makes it a more efficient weapon than many.

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