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Rage 2 Guide: How to Fast Travel - All you need to know

2019-05-14 19:24:38

Now is the official access to the long-awaited Rage 2. Its recent release to the market has already given the opportunity to many who can live the experience in its open world of apocalyptic ambien. However, this presents the particular ability to generate frustration, the same as many open-world games have, and it takes a long time to get from one location to another. This has led many players in Rage 2 to be interested in the fast trip. To celebrate the premiere of Rage 2, we will talk a bit about it here today at Xboxplay.games.

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The fast trip in Rage 2 can be somewhat complex

When you want to travel fast in Rage 2, it can turn out to be a bit confusing as it also has some complication because players need to have their vehicles nearby to achieve it. To make matters worse, several players in Rage 2 have presented difficulties to travel fast even when you have your vehicles nearby.

Apart from the above, players can only make the quick trip only to the three central cities of the game, and to do this they must be visited previously. All this means that players can not make the quick trip to any place, just by opening the map.

Many recommend to people who have problems with the fast trip in Rage 2, that they don't seem to work, that they go to the desert and try to do it again. It is still unknown because it does not work all the time, if it does not even seem to be affected by enemies.

Master the fast trip in Rage 2 makes everything easier

After players have mastered the functionality for fast travel in Rage 2, navigating the game's apocalyptic world becomes easier.

On the other hand, many think that without using the functionality for the fast trip, to navigate the map of Rage 2 can be relatively fast, if they have their vehicle, since in comparison to other games of open world, Rage 2 presents a map somewhat small. It's estimated that most players take approximately 10 hours to travel the map.

Even though the Rage 2 map is considered small, the functionality for fast travel continues to be maintained as the best and favorite option to travel in the game.

Apparently, for some fans, Rage 2 can be somewhat disappointing due to the size of your map. However others are also enjoying the experience offered in the fighting. It seems that both points of view only give rise to wait to see if this new title will be maintained in the long term. Who knows? Maybe Rage 2 has several cards up his sleeve (plans) for the near future.

Rage 2 is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One and PC.

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