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Rage 2 Guide: How to Change your Armor, the easy way

2019-05-15 20:07:59

Discover how to change the Rage 2 armor.

Like any FPS game, Rage 2 has its difficulties or disadvantages, because since its recent release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it has left many fans a little confused. Partly because the Rage 2's fast travel system has been confusing because it requires players to be near your vehicle to make it work. Another of the confusions that players have is when changing their armor.

Rage 2 “How To Change Armor” Video

How to Change Armor

It seems that Rage 2
makes the task a little complicated to the players when changing their
armor, since to be able to change it the players must go to the
'Settings' in the pause menu and click on 'General Settings', to then
click on 'Player Armor' to be able to change to the types of armor
collected during the game.

So to change your armor in Rage 2 you will have to collect a new armor, but how to get it?

You can get it by completing missions in the game, although there are very few missions that offer a new armor as a reward, making it more complicated to get.

Nicholas Raine armor

This armor can be obtained by fulfilling the exclusive pre-order mission "Cult of the Death God". Centered on Nicholas Raine, protagonist of the first Rage, also in this mission you can get Settler Pistol in Rage 2.

It should be noted that not all users will be able to access the Nicholas Raine mission, since as mentioned, it's exclusive, so if you did not make a previous request, you'll miss this mission. But not all is lost, because Bethesda has suggested that this pre-order bonus mission will finally be added to the game to give all players the chance to participate at some point.