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Rage 2 Guide: How Repair Vehicles and where

2019-05-15 14:16:19

A few days ago since the new first-person shooter game, Rage 2, was released and has already generated several impressions in the community, some good and some bad. One of the things that pleases the players in Rage 2 are the vehicles.

Due to this, it isn't surprising that they want to keep the vehicles they find for use when they need it and the question is that they can. Today in Xboxplay.games we will give you some tips for storing vehicles, since you must do certain things to make it so.

Rage 2 - How To Repair Vehicles

The vehicles you get in Rage 2 can be stored

The first vehicle that players receive to use is the Phoenix, after completing the first mission. As you explore, you can find more vehicles, each with its own exclusive elements. Also, the vehicles that we are getting, we can store them in order to use them later.

How to store vehicles in Rage 2

The first thing you should know is that in order to store vehicles in Rage 2 you have to buy an update for the extension of vehicles. This is in the projects menu.

To acquire this extension you'll need, at least, three project points to unlock. The reason for needing those three points is because you must buy two projects before you can buy the extension vehicle. The good news is that after completing the first two missions you'll have enough points.

Vehicle Extension Update

This improvement for acquiring the Vehicle Extension can be obtained in the Basic Projects part.

After getting this improvement, what follows is to get a vehicle to store. That said, you've to steal a vehicle from any of the enemies you get. After getting the vehicle, you must take it to one of the three main cities in the world Rage 2. Now just go to the door and park the vehicle you stole near the Phoenix, which you had already achieved before.

If what we mention is done in the correct way, a message will appear with which you will be given the option to store the stolen vehicle and use it later. Ready, that's storing vehicles.

Once you have stored a vehicle, you will be able to call it whenever you want. You just have to go to the "Vehicles" tab on the menu.

How to repair vehicles in Rage 2

While it may be easy to repair vehicles in Rage 2, it's likely to confuse the fans who played the first installment. This is because the way in which repairs are made was one of the changes made for Rage 2.
In the first installment of Rage, when the players wanted to make a repair, they only went to a garage for repairs. On the other hand, to repair vehicles in the new Rage 2, only the left bumper must be approached and supported and it will be done.

And this is what you need to know to store and repair vehicles in the new delivery, Rage 2. Tell us your experiences in the comments, you can also leave us a comment if you want to add something that has happened to us or have any request / doubt.

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