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Rage 2 Guide: How get new vehicle weapons and Unlock it

2019-05-14 16:08:36

When you are playing Rage 2, shortly after starting the game you will find your first vehicle. Once this is done, it will be quickly noticed that the weapons present in the vehicle are quite simple and in little variety. It's certain that immediately you will want to improve the weapons in order to be able to eliminate the strongest enemies, but you run into a problem: you do not know how to get new weapons for your vehicle. Today, at Xboxplay.games we will tell you how to get it.

The Phoenix: your first vehicle in Rage 2

Soon after you start the game, you will unlock your first vehicle, the Phoenix. Immediately you will notice that it is not very rough and not rustic enough for the land. When you initially have the Phoenix, this will be available only machine guns. Although this weapon can be effective for light vehicles and certain enemies, it can be easily overcome.

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The good news is that just as the progression system in Rage 2 applies to improve your skills with nanotites and weapons, you're also allowed to update your vehicles. In this sense you can add new weapons and increase their capabilities.

How to get new weapons for vehicles in Rage 2

The first thing to keep in mind is that not all vehicles can be updated, however, the Phoenix is ​​ideal for our example since it has a wide variety of new weapons and equipment with access to improve it.

In Rage 2, to improve your vehicles you must go to the vehicle update screen. Access to this screen you get in the menu, in the tab of the vehicle that is in update.

With regard to the updates themselves, you should know that each update will require parts of cars in certain quantities. This means that for improvements, you will mainly need several pieces of vehicles. These "auto parts" can be obtained in mechanical stores, in which they will cost you "cash". These stores can be in Ark Chests, races and assaults in convoys.

New weapons for the Phoenix

As already mentioned, for each update to be carried out in each vehicle, "auto parts" are needed. In the case of the Phoenix, it has several improvements, among them: Cruise Missile, 20MM Cannons, Hellfire Mortar. These three weapons can be equipped simultaneously, to these you can add the trigger weapons that are already unlocked, by default.

Among the three options available for the Phoenix, the least expensive weapon to be unlocked is the Cruise Missile as it has a cost equivalent to 10 "auto parts". As for the cost for the other two weapons, both 20MM Cannons and Hellfire Mortar.

And that's all you need to know, for now, about the updates. If you want to add something or let us know your experiences, you can leave us a comment.