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Rage 2 Guide: Get the Settler Pistol

2019-05-14 21:53:03

It has been a while since the predecessor of Rage 2 arrived, but its developers have known how to innovate at all times regardless of the waiting time.

Rage 2 allows players to unlock the Settler gun, a weapon that was used by Nicholas Raine, the protagonist of Rage.

If you want to get the settler's gun in Rage 2 I hope you have previously ordered the videogame since it's one of the pre-order bonuses of Rage 2 along with other bonuses that are an exclusive mission, as well as a truck cover and an announcer voice of NBA Jam.

BFG 9000 in Rage 2 - How to Acquire this Deluxe Edition Super Weapon

The premiere of Rage 2 was made today and if you were not one of the lucky ones to do the pregame of the game then you will have to miss the settler gun.

But if you made a preorder of Rage 2, you can unlock the Settler's Gun by completing the Cult of the God of Death quest, which was also a pre-order bonus.

The Worship mission of God has seemed quite fun and interesting, to activate it you'll have to help the leader of the resistance, Captain John Marshall so that he can impose his power and to complete it you will have to go through the sewers to defeat the mutants and win with Success to the boss, if you get it you'll be rewarded with the Settler's Gun and the Nicholas Raine armor.

But if you were not lucky to make the preorder, do not worry, it's not bad to die, the settler's gun in Rage 2 isn't one of the most striking weapons in the game comparing for example with the DOF BFG 9000 that you can unlock in Rage 2

In any case, unfortunately, this is the only way to unlock the Rage 2 settler's gun and the armor, however, the mission of the Cult of the God of Death could be available to all users regardless of whether they performed preorder or not. to its description that says "exclusive mission for a limited time", so that later it could be available for the rest of the players.

The developers of Rage 2 also unveiled the main Rage 2 DLC plans for the free and paid content game that will be launched this year, which could include missions and ways to get weapons and more additional content.

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