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Rage 2 Guide: Find the Defibrillator, How to use it and unlocked

2019-05-16 19:45:57

Those who came to play the first title of Rage will remember when almost always players were given a second chance in life if they died during one of their missions thanks to the defibrillator. In the first title of Rage 2 once the players got the defibrillator they must die to be able to use it which took them to a mini game to get other rewards.

Tutorial: Desfibrilación | Canyon Cove Ark - Tracto roto | RAGE 2

All this now returns to Rage 2.

The most notable difference between the first Rage and Rage 2 is that, in the sequel, players must unlock the defibrillator before they can use it.

But the defibrillator isn't only useful in Rage two to avoid death in missions, but also to achieve an achievement.

To unlock the defibrillator in Rage 2 is the same as if you wanted to get items or weapons. You will have to look for it in an ark, specifically in the Ark of Canyon Cove. The Canyon Cove Ark has a difficulty rating of 5 so we recommend you be cautious and have a considerable amount of ammunition and healing items with you.

 To use the defibrillator you will have to die

The Canyon Cove Ark does not have a large dungeon that carries it or anything like the settler's gun where players will have to kill a few enemies to take it, unlock the Ark to get the defibrillator.

But before you can use the defibrillator you will have to die, this will activate a mini game as in the first version of Rage. However, this isn't the same as the first version, here you will have to press a specific button and the more you press the buttons when doing the defibrillator, the more health you will get when you come back to life.

The defibrillator can also be updated to use more button presses and thus receive even more health when revived. In addition to that the defibrillator will give you more advantage without having to use cheat codes.

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