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Rage 2 Guide Easter Eggs: where to find Elon Musk, WWE, Pokemon, Zelda, etc

2019-05-17 16:01:39

Rage 2, a first-person shooter developed by Avalanche Studios, was released a few days ago.

Rage 2 integrates quite good qualities which work to the measure, an open world full of interesting things to see, a lot of adventures and really wild things, and this without mentioning the pile of secrets and hidden objects that the developers have hidden in everything the map.

But so that it doesn't become a truly complicated mission we have made a guide with information related to all the Easter eggs in Rage 2 that we have found so far.

In our search we were delighted to realize that these hidden secrets of Rage 2 refer to the id Software studio manager, other titles developed by Id Software such as Doom and Quake, the popular Nintendo franchises such as Pokémon and Legend of Zelda, WWE Wrestlers and how it had to be, the first Rage title, the original version.

Rage 2 - Pro Wrestling Easter Eggs in the Town of Gunbarrel

Find the Easter Eggs Rage 2 Tim Willits 1.

Tim Willits, in addition to being the head of study of id Software is also the active member of the company with the longest time of seniority. He started his path with id Software in 1995 working on the expansion package for the original Doom and other games where he is included for his post Rage 2 (and was in charge of directing the project of the original version of Rage).

Without a doubt it's a key and very valuable piece in id Software and surely the company is proud to have it being part of its payroll. And more if we take into account that Willits not only has an egg in the recently released Rage 2, but actually there are 2 eggs related to it.

The first is up in Wellspring, once in Wellspring, walk to your right, walk and you'll find toilets with the doors open, "Wimothy Tillits" is squatting on a toilet, covered in filth, laughing and surrounded by stinking rats.

Find the Easter eggs Rage 2 Tim Tillits 2.

It must be recognized that Tim Willits' first egg was not exactly what many expected, but luckily this is not his only allusion to the head of the id team.

But it also has a line of television dinners, which players can find scattered across the desert. The dinner of "Willits" falls to the ground as if it were a meteorite.

Rage 2 Find the Mixom Easter eggs.

Easter Mixom, no longer refers to the head of id Software, but to one of the projects in which he has worked. We're talking about Doom.

Mixom is a supply of gas, tools and chainsaws in the world of id Software. We could see it for the first time in Doom, then in Rage and then in the latest version of Doom. That's where we got to know that Mixion was part of the Fallout company Vault-Tec.

Fallout also has several cameos in the original version of Rage, considering that it was the first id Software game that was released under its new Bethesda editor, however, we have no appearance of it in Rage 2 until now.

Easter eggs Rage 2 pokemon.

The Pokemon Easter Egg in Rage 2 is something that Pokemon fans will love just as much as we do.

To find the Pokemon Easter egg, you must first have unlocked the flying vehicle called "Icarus". To unlock Icarus you can meet with Dr. Kvasir in the Sekreto wetlands, you will have to complete the search in the Eden Space Center and then increase your Project reputation to at least level 7.

When you're done, go to Vineland, you'll have to call Icarus on the Vehicles tab and then fly over the city. It should deform and get the message with the previous error.

Rabies 2 Easter Eggs Doom 2.

The references that are made in Rage 2 with respect to other id Software titles are a lot. Doom by its position is the biggest success the company has had so obviously they could not miss their references, in fact, there is more than one egg dedicated to Doom Easter in Rage 2. They're few, but at least we can say that they're more than one among which the Mixom egg is included.

Rage 2 easter eggs Doom.

Another reference related to Doom is only available for the owners of the Deluxe Edition.

If you're lucky, when you leave the Vineland start area of ​​the game you can see a red meteor, walk quickly there to be surprised to find Doom's longed for weapon, the BFG 9000.

Rage 2 Easter Eggs quake 2.

Quake Champions also receives honors in Rage 2.

Quake receives a similar treatment to Doom in the first instance, which is the name of a map location, in this case, the important Ark of Quake Hill. You can get this location from Dr. Kvasir, and inside you can get the useful Vortex skill.

 Quake Makron Easter Eggs.

Another difference from Quake, in this case, we can not help but notice that the authority leader, General Cross, is very similar to Makron, the leader of the cyborg Strogg of Quake II and Quake 4. It seems to be a fusion between the two titles, with the head of the flesh on top of a completely robotic body, and the face on his chest. The Authority in general seems to be much more like the Strogg in Rage 2 than in Rage.

Rage 2 Easter eggs zelda dampe.

An iconic reference to Legend of Zelda, located in the center of the map, in the region of Broken Trac, southwest of Gunbarrel, is a cemetery called Lost Cause.

Enter the grave of the tombler and you 'll find his own corpse. If you lift your last record entry on the Datapad next to it, you'll discover that your name was Damper.

This is a reference to the famous gravedigger of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series, Dampe.

Rage 2 Easter Eggs Elon Musk.

The physicist and billionaire mogul Elon Musk also has his cameo in Rage 2. You'll have to go east of the map of Rage 2, just east of the Derby ChazCar, you'll find a site called "Secret Bunker".

Enter and you'll be mocked by a voice that controls the facilities, and the datapads confirm that this is the head of Tusk Industries, called Elton Tusk. This is clearly a reference to Elon Musk, the multi-million dollar CEO of Tesla, PayPal and Space X in Rage 2.

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