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Rage 2 Guide: default keyboard controls

2019-05-14 18:39:23

We found it necessary to explain this a bit better so that users know what happens and how to fix it, so we have prepared a Rage 2 guide related to the default keyboard controls.

Weapons, skills like the shatter strike Strike to help you in battle, and more, many things we have in Rage 2. But not everything works in the most efficient way for everyone.

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The combination between keys is very cumbersome

By this we mean the default keyboard control for Shatter Strike on PC is Ctrl + F.

Obviously not all have the same size of fingers and hands, much less keyboard. So maybe for you it's much more uncomfortable than for me, or on the contrary for me it is uncomfortable, but in your case maybe the default keyboard control of Rage 2 comes with finger ring.

But in my case and not only in mine, the same thing happens to other members of the team, and that is that the combination between keys is very cumbersome and almost always ends up treading Shift instead of Ctrl. And if we take into account that all the skills are executed in combination with the Ctrl key then you can make mistakes in more than one opportunity. Although we must bear in mind that the rest of the controls are not as bad as many could then come to think, in fact it is the special abilities that have taken the stone in several moments to have to have contortionist fingers to be able to step the combination of letters without making mistakes in the process.

But don't worry, Rage 2 is just beginning and we aren't going to let your adventure go to ruin, so we have prepared a guide so you know how to reassign the default keyboard controls in Rage 2.

You can reassign Ctrl + F or any other letter along with the Ctrl to something called an instant cast link.

How to Change the  default keyboard

An instant cast link will allow you to execute the skill by pressing only a single key so you don't have to step on both.

Go to the Rage 2 Settings menu, click on Keyboard and Mouse Links and then scroll to the Skills section, you will find the options in question.

Clearly, as we already mentioned, it may be uncomfortable for some, but for others it may be manageable to perfection. So, if you aren't in the group of the lucky ones, you can create your own group of lucky people have reassigned the default keyboard controls of Rage2.

We recommend using buttons that are close to the W, A, S and D keys so that they are always at your fingertips easier and without breaking the articulation of your finger.

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