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2022-06-27 22:17:17

In Raft there are several characters for you and today we will tell you how to unlock Johnny, so pay attention.

Who is Johnny in Raft?

This is one of the four new characters that were added to the game with the arrival of update 1.41 and if you want to know how to unlock Johnny below we will tell you how to do it.

How to unlock Johnny in Raft?

In order to get this character, you will have to go to Balboa Island, an island related to the story, where you will find many wild animals that you will want to take care of. But you will also find loot materials, blueprints and Johnny.

To find him you'll have to start by looking for the broken fences when you reach the island > from here you'll have to head up a hill, following the main path. When you reach a dead corner, you'll have to turn left to keep going straight ahead, until you reach a dead corner, where you'll have to turn left again.

Keep going forward until you reach a hill that you will have to climb, to find the cave, which you will have to go through to the top. You will be able to find Johnny in the room and you will have to interact with him to unlock him.

So quickly we have reached the end of this article on how to unlock Johnny in Raft, which we hope has been as helpful as possible, so you can get this character as soon as possible.

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