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2022-06-27 22:32:04

If you are here, it's because you want to know how to beat a shark in Raft, which we will cover for you in detail.

What is the shark in Raft all about?

If you know a little bit about the game, you probably know that the shark will be your number one enemy when it comes to surviving in the sea. Therefore, knowing how to defeat a shark will be of great help for you to be able to deal with it.

How to beat a shark in Raft?

If you want to defeat the shark, the key is to identify its attack patterns, to be able to create a strategy.

How to beat a shark in Raft? - Attack patterns and strategy

The first thing you need to know is that the Shark does 30 DMG per bite, so if you are attacked four times you will die. Also, the shark attacks your raft every 5 minutes if you are on it in a straight line, but when you are not on the raft, the timer stops and restarts when you step on it.

You can distract the shark by using Shark Bait for 20 seconds, which will allow you to take something from the water without being attacked.

As for the strategy, when you are in the water, the shark will dive towards you and open its mouth, to try to make you 30 DMG with its bite. You can take advantage of when it opens its mouth to attack with bows, spears or some other long-range weapon. In addition to allowing you to damage it, this can also make it retreat for a few seconds. You will have to repeat this process until you finally exhaust the shark's health and eliminate it.

If you have melee weapons, they can be aimed at its nose to cause damage without receiving DMG.

If you fail the offensive, you will have to keep your character in the direction of the Shark and quickly go to the surface.

Now that you know how to beat a shark in Raft, we hope we have been of the greatest help to you so that you can deal with the shark in Raft as comfortably and quickly as possible.

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