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Raft: How to kill Warthog

2020-01-03 09:10:07

Raft presents a series of specimens that we must eliminate, so we bring you a guide to teach you how to kill Warthog.

Dealing with these characters in the game can be a bit tedious and uncomfortable when we don't know how to do it, so in this guide we explain how to eliminate them in a simple and fast way.

What are Warthogs in Raft?

These are creatures that we find in Raft, they generally carry loads, so it is important to avoid them with the aim of not eliminating us, since they mostly spend patrolling the large islands, or at least on those sides We managed to see at least two in this work.

How to kill Warthog in Raft?

We have left a video here for you to browse through, there you will see how these creatures are eliminated, but if you are one of those who do not want to see it, well, here we also detail how this is done.

The first thing we must do to put an end to this creature is simply to do what is possible because it can be encased, for this it is ideal to find a suitable place on the island and attract it, because as the anger behind us it is necessary to make it touch the ground, Well, our job here is to stab him in the back and do everything possible to dodge his attacks.

What are the weapons we can use to kill Warthog in Raft?

To eliminate this creature we have the following weapons.

  • Bow with 12 stone arrows or 6 metal arrows.
  • 7 stabs metal spear.
  • 12 stab wooden spear
  • The Warthog.

So we come to the end of this Raft guide hoping that it has already been useful for you and now that you know how to kill Warthog leave us your impression.

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