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RAD: How to Get Tapes - Tips and tricks

2019-08-15 21:47:35

You want to get tapes on RAD, but you don't know how? Do not worry, here we have it covered.

This time we will be showing you a series of indications so you can get tapes on RAD, so check it out.

How to get tapes in RAD?

First of all you should have as a main objective the high level enemies and RAD bosses, since there is a greater probability that more tapes will fall. However, you cannot rule out any enemy that has a health bar visible under them.

It is worth mentioning that you must be prepared enough to face high-level bosses and enemies. Strategically combine your mutations to eliminate them.

You should know that when you get tapes you will have to keep them in the bank, since they will not be worth anything if you die.

How to save the tapes in the RAD bank?

Go through the blue portal located to the left of the room after the boss. Doing so will lead you back to the city center from the beginning of RAD.

When you arrive, you will have to access the yellow chest icon on your map, which will take you directly to the local bank, and finally by examining the bright deposit on the right you can safely store tapes, which may be used in the future.

Now that you know how to get tapes on RAD, it's your turn to try, so good luck!

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