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PUBG Mobile: how to win close combat

2020-05-13 12:46:48

Knowing how to win a melee combat allows us to get better results in PUBG Mobile, let's see.

Why win a PUBG Mobile melee?

There are 3 different but very interesting methods to achieve and win a hand-to-hand combat, the ideal is to perform the one that can best be adjusted by ourselves because the main goal is to succeed in any combat, being necessary to win in this type of tactics above all when the enemies are relatively close and we need to be stealthy.

How to win a melee in PUGB Mobile?


  • This method is favorable for executing fights that are medium and long range.
  • They are viable in sniper fights.
  • It is enabled in the basic configuration.
  • Sensitivity is fair by practicing in some bouts.
  • The practice of this method is vital, at first we suffer some dizziness but little by little we adapt.
  • We have the ability to master the pullback.

The characteristic of Pico.

It is possible to enable pick and fire, (some practice required).


This is possibly the best option to choose, perhaps the most complex, but as everything is a matter of adaptation.

  • It is required to place the fire button on the right side in the upper corner and make use of the indicated finger to execute a shot.
  • Position ourselves according to our comfort to execute any movement by placing the scope button in the upper left corner.
  • We can use it while we are moving.
  • While we are in motion we can jump and shoot simultaneously.

There are some downsides and son:

  • Getting used to using it can take some time.
  • Cutting skills tend to drop considerably considerably.
  • Our grip is weaker.

In general terms, it is necessary to choose our best option in PUBG Mobile, since this is part of knowing how to win a melee, we are prepared for that and more.

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