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PUBG Mobile: How to get the Cheetah Set

2020-05-24 23:47:59

Guide to learn how to get the cheetah set in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has launched another in-game event that runs through June 1. As with all other events, there are some rewards up for grabs if you complete some challenges.

But now that one of the most coveted items has arrived in the event it is unlocked through game time or with real life money. Because of this, we will show how to unlock the Cheetah set in PUBG Mobile.

How to get the cheetah set at PUBG Mobile?

the Cheetah Set is not won through a specific challenge. What you do is spend a certain amount of BP to unlock the various pieces of the set through the "BP Spender" event. This fact did not happen in the last event with the popular AUG Rainforest mask.

Therefore, we have prepared a price list to prepare your wallet:

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    • 7,000 BP spent: cheetah glasses (3 days)
    • 14,000 BP spent: cheetah glasses (7 days)
    • 21,000 BP spent: Cheetah Set (3 days)
    • 42,000 BP spent: Cheetah Set (7 days)

    BP increments are constantly increasing as elements and length improve. With 42,000 BP spent, you unlock the entire Cheetah Set, along with the Glasses, for seven days.

    Please note that you only have until June 1 to collect the money and unlock these special in-game items. You can get BP through game time at PUBG Mobile or through in-game store purchases.

    42,000 BP will be quite expensive if you choose to buy it from the store. If you have some BP saved, it might be time to spend some of it on winning the Cheetah Set.

    The How to get the cheetah set at PUBG Mobile is not very complicated, the only thing is to be prepared to make a big expense if you want to get the complete set, in addition to having limited time. Good luck!

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