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PUBG Mobile is a very lively game and today he leads us to discover how to download season 15.

What to know about season 15 of PUBG Mobile?

  With this update we will be able to get many exclusive rewards to the real pass, taking into account that Google Playstore or Apple Store will not have access to said update, season 15 will see it come out on September 14, 2020, which has a focus on the samurai, at the end of the season prior to this, it is not possible for us to complete the challenges and missions until this update is released, which leads us to want to understand how to download season 15 and the answers will be in the content that we will see from here on in this guide, let's see what brings us then.
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    How to download PUBG Mobile season 15?

      First of all it is necessary that we go to our device and open the game, where we will find an update on its screen, it begins to download automatically, taking a few seconds, then what we will do is a login of our account in case we have not already done so, in this way we will have access to season 15 unlocked, we can enter the missions in the RP section that is located on the right of our screen and we can begin to unlock the different rewards .

      We can conclude that understanding How to download season 15 is easier than thought, let's just apply these indications and start enjoying the present PUBG Mobile content.

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