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PUBG: How to Report a Player

2019-08-14 17:50:53

Through this small PUBG guide we will explain how to report a player either by cheat, team killers or harassment, here we present everything you need to know.

 Everyone who has played video games knows that there are players who ruin everything, this does not escape PUBG, what you should know about how to report a player, on PC, Xbox One, PS4 or Mobile is through your name or your ID.

How to report a player in PUBG

The important thing in this case is to know and be sure who is to blame, you go to the players section in the invite tab, in this part there are differences depending on the platform on which you play, to report to a player after opening the tab click on the player's name and copy it or his profile ID, you will see a triangle-shaped icon in the lower right corner, there you will have the option to report the player.

Once you make the report you must make sure that the other box is selected, verify its name and reason for the report and press send. It is important to note that for console and PC players, they can report a player in PUBG during the game or later.

To report during the game you place the cursor on the player and click on his name there you will have the option to do so, you will also find a menu where you must select your suspicion and then report. To report it after finishing the game you go to the invitation tab and do it in the same way.

 On the official PUBG website you will also find an option to report the player directly, for this you need to have this information at hand: the nickname you are reporting, your game nickname, date and time of the infraction, description of the incident, having this information the copies in a support ticket and press send.

We hope that in this guide you have cleared all the doubts in PUBG and learned the various exposed ways of how to report a player who commits irregularities during the game.

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