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PUBG has more things for us to do, and that is why we will tell you how to emote.

Why emote in PUBG?

This is a feature that is incorporated into this game and allows us to have the possibility of working with some particular gestures, so knowing how to emote offers the opportunity to open the doors to exciting moments that can be handled more comfortably, this is part of the available mechanics and that we cannot ignore.

Knowing how to emote allows us to have a much more fun game, the mere possibility of customizing some aspects of PUBG is simply great, with this we manage to make even the communication process a little more fluid, and we can make gestures, although It is true, speaking is necessary, making other types of gestures can favor us and precisely about this we are going to talk in this guide today.

It is good to know that PUBG has a total amount of 21 emotes, however, we can use 16 equipped simultaneously, this means that if we find a better one we can exchange it, this is a favorable process and that allows us to complete this task of knowing how to emote, for this we will only have to:

  • Go to the Customize menu, which is in the pre-game lobby.
  • Then, we will have to look for a tab called Emotes and Spray.
  • Next, we will see a grid with the emotes that we have unlocked or that are usually predetermined and these are located on the left side, we will see that the action wheel is located on the right side.

How to emote in PUBG?

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    This process of emoting usually occurs on all platforms and each one has some singularity, in this sense, we detail it as follows:

    In the case of PC.

    The process here is perhaps simpler than in the rest of the platforms, here we are shown where we should go because the keyboard and mouse configuration usually have the convenience to access the emote menu, in this sense, it is necessary just press the "~" key that is usually located below the Escape key and above Tab on the keyboard, then we are shown a circular menu with a total of 12 gestures that can perfectly well be changed to the main menu of PUBG, here we must select the number key for which the emote is assigned starting from number 1, so knowing how to emote allows you to use these gestures in a moderate way, considering that enemies are usually the order of the day.

    In the case of mobile.

    We continue talking about How to emote, and it is that PUBG is also available to play on mobile devices, only here we will get two different versions, PUBG Mobile and PUBG New State, in the case of the second it usually has a certain similarity to what we do when we are on PC, it is a fairly easy activity to perform.

    In the case of PUBG New State we must hold down the emote button that is located on the right side of the screen, then we are shown a circular menu where all the emotes we have and the ones we can do by pressing them are usually shown, so that we know How to emote, specifically in this game, allows us to have a number of free emotes that we can display, in addition to customizing their configuration.

    In the case of the console.

    PUBG is available on different platforms and knowing how to emote on Xbox or PS implies taking care of using the controller, and we can do it while we are free from enemies, this can be a somewhat slower process, here we have the ability to hit bumpers with the controllers, we press LB and RB in the case of the Xbox, or L1 and R1 in the case of PS, the rest we will do with the right joystick of the controller and in this way select the emote that we are interested in using.

    It should be noted that we get a total of two pages in the action wheel, in this sense, we are allowed to use the D-pad to move, although it is true, this does not seem to be very efficient compared to other platforms, is what you have to do in PUBG and in this sense, it is necessary to use the emotes from a place where we can be safe.

    In this sense, knowing how to emote offers us the opportunity to use some gestures as we progress in PUBG.

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