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PS5 vs Xbox Series X: All You need to know

2019-12-24 09:53:47

In this article we will have the details of everything you need to know about PS5 vs Xbox Series X in a well explained way.

 On the part of the Sony and Microsoft confirmed their following consoles are actively developing, details of the PS5 that WIRED was revealed by Mark Cerny at some time, this was brought in principle in early October, In the case of Microsoft the details came out during the E3 that happened in June, by means of a modality in which the players had their wishes and expectations represented by the developers, at the same time characteristics of the new console were shared, where in the December Game Awards it was confirmed The name of this console, our article brings information of the rivalry that already exists between PS5 vs Xbox Series X, we see that it brings us the following content.

What details are known so far? - (PS5 vs Xbox Series X)

 The main details that include PS5 vs Xbox Series X is its departure date, which is scheduled for 2020 in the holidays, but an innovative feature that both consoles have, (PS5 vs Xbox Series X) is that they will eliminate the use of hard drives now employ a unit SSD, in recent years these are the most significant advances in years, details that will reduce the loading time or other important quality of life characteristics.

 Other similar details of the PS5 vs Xbox Series X is that to power their systems, both will use AMD Ryzen processors of the next technological generation, it is certainly worth noting that at this time it is not available, which will attract more people for these, the details include also the use of the 8K in the support of the games, surpassing the 4K to double, of the previous consoles, which will bring great advances present in these consoles, so far the fight of the PS5 vs. Xbox Series X looks balanced.

Cloud-based gaming technology is used by both companies, announced only by Microsoft with xCloud.

 (PS5 vs Xbox Series X) - PS5

 The inclination is towards the virtual reality games by PS5, being for Sony of great importance the PSVR atria that the Ps4 uses, in the WIRED article Mark Cerny said, that the current headphones are compatible with the PS5, although The possibilities of the new one with the system to debut are great, the details about this are very vague, but if there is something that could facilitate the game and give more resolution is the hardware update and the capacity that a new headset has for a more powerful console.

 There is some compatibility of the PS4 with the PS5 said by Cerny regarding the architecture, the details are yet to be seen if it was only there or you will have more relevant things, in the same direction Jim Ryan expressed that it is possible to start a game on the PS4 and that this can be continued in the PS5, something of great value for many players, which also brings with it a possible rebound in support for the PS4.

 We have that the details about the backward compatibility are in the air, we know nothing about this, although it is a possibility at the table, the command designs have been a wave of rumors, the only thing that is known about this is that they will have including adaptive triggers, increasing reality, in addition, for the console it is rumored to have an AI assistant, and a microphone hole is added.

 The details in regards to the games, there are no confirmations of any title, but with this new console generation we will see the battle of PS5 vs Xbox Series X, it is sure that they will have great announcements, in addition, of the improvements of some games that are already available, such as Fortnite, FIFA and Call of Duty, are the possible releases when the PS5 has its exit.

(PS5 vs Xbox Series X) - Xbox Series X

 The details of its name go first through the Project Scarllet, then it was officially known that it will be Xbox Series X, which brings not only the 8K, will also work at 120Hz, meaning that it will be 120 per second frame rates, the frame rates you will use will be variable, this allows the balance of the output power by the developers for their games, for the first time it will be accelerated by hardware, as never before developers can extend the limits of the console, in the If the processor will dedicate cores to Ray-Tracing technology directly, reliability is the only possible unknown, it is also where the possible minimum clear difference between PS5 vs Xbox Series X will be.

 The details of the image above lets us know how it looks, that traditional consoles factor was abandoned, which is more attached to a desk, where on the top of the unit has a concave grid, despite the mixed reactions, it is possible that the need for this brings with it the guarantee that the promised technology is fulfilled, among so many details it was confirmed that in this current console it will be possible for the Xbox One Elite controllers to work, compatibility will be a point in favor in the PS5 vs Xbox Series X battle, with the Microsoft console you can play the classics of the previous generations, where the Playstation has not been able to give that resource to the fullest.

 It is possible according to rumors that I will bring a powerful camera, where the possibility is that the focus is streaming for this new camera and the exchange of content, basing its details more towards social interaction than to get used to the games.

 On the games, the outputs of 4 for the new console have been confirmed, but with the launch of this one it is Halo Infinite, the others that were announced with details are, Hellbade 2, Everwild and Forza Motorsport, of exclusive exclusivity of course, here This is where the biggest battle between PS5 vs Xbox Series X will be.

 We can say that because of the details we find of both consoles, there will be many crosses talking about the capabilities, once the departure date of these is close, we may know much more over time.

 This is how we conclude with our article, in which we treat such a special issue for players as PS5 vs Xbox Series X and the details of everything you need to know, we hope it will please all our readers.

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