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Today we bring a PS5 guide to explain how to update your DualSense controller.

What to know about PS5?

With the arrival of this next-generation console, there have been constant errors, where many of the cases are solved with updates, something that turns out to be interesting that has come to include the DualSense control as well, then if it is something that we are interested in doing It is ideal that you know how to update your DualSense controller and here in this guide we will talk with the necessary details, let's see.

How to update your DualSense controller in PS5?

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    Our controller should be updated automatically once we install the most recent version of our PS5, in which case we can check the version we have through the settings, accessories and controls, then on the screen we will see which software has our controller installed, considering that the most current is 0267 which is starting from July 2021, if we have it well and if not you should consider How to update your DualSense controller.

    What we will do is have an internet connection in our console, then we connect the controller to the console through the USB-C cable, if there is an update available it will be notified and we can download it, but if it does not work we can choose to perform the update by changing the date of the console, then you have to connect the controller via USB, we turn off or remove the console from the internet, we make the date change in the settings, we choose systems, we go to the date and time to do it Manually, after we change the day we can turn off the console and perform the aforementioned steps again to carry out the update.

     Knowing how to update your DualSense controller is interesting, because it allows you to keep up to date with the corrections or characteristics for a better performance of our PS5.

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