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We continue talking about PS5 and it is necessary to explain how to mute your Mic.

What is the purpose of muting the Mic in PS5?

  Simply avoid listening to conversations that do not interest us, although it is true, this is usually activated by default, there is the possibility of deactivating it in case we are not interested in sharing conversations, this because it is usually played regularly in multiplayer mode .

How to mute your Mic in PS5?

  This is an option that can be done if you are interested in avoiding the topic of conversations, because when playing online these can be heard by other users and, for this it is necessary:
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    • You must press the PS5 button on the remote.
    • Then you must go to "Sound" and go to "Speaker".
    • Then you will proceed to turn it off.


     Remember that muting the Mic here is related exactly to the DualSense remote for what we must:


    •  Press the horizontal button that is located below the PS5 button on our remote and wait for it to turn orange.
    • Then it is necessary to press the button again in order to unmute the remote control Mic.


     There is the possibility of eliminating the sound and that this can occur permanently, for which it is necessary:


    •  Select the gear icon that is located in the upper right-hand corner of the start menu screen.
    • Then it is necessary to choose the "Sound" in the configuration menu.
    • You must go to the left side of the screen to select "Mic" so that you can ensure the option "Device" input and that it is configured as Mic in the controller.
    • Then it will be necessary to click on the "Mic Status" and log in to put it on "Mute" and make it permanently deactivated.

     Definitely, knowing How to mute your Mic allows you to have the possibility to configure it to not hear anything that is not to your liking while playing PS5.

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