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We welcome you to our PS5 guide, where we will talk about How to Keep Dust Out.

What to know about PS5?

We have a console with a high-capacity cooling system, a 120 mm fan that is essential in this system, which allows avoiding obstructions and due maintenance that we must carry out, then in order to keep it up to date with cleaning. And without dust, some tips on How to Keep Dust Out are required and for this we can help ourselves with the content of this guide, let's see it below.

How to Keep Dust Out in PS5?

There are some cleaning methods with the intention of solving How to Keep Dust Out in PS5, while some depend on removing the cover to check it inside, then it is opportune to consider the necessary as microfiber cloths, vacuum cleaner and a compressed air or cleaning brushes In turn, the console must be turned off and unplugged prior to making these indications, certainly by Sony it is recommended that the dust be removed from the ventilation grids with the help of a low-power vacuum cleaner, because it would be done without requiring to remove the front plate, even an option is the vacuum cleaner or canned air, all in order to eliminate the dust, now if we want to go deeper we have to consider the warranty stickers, because removing them makes us lose it.
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    Following the instructions on How to Keep Dust Out in PS5 then we remove it from the current, and gently we are going to remove the front plate, we have to separate it from the console until it comes out, gently, then if we notice a large deposit of dust we can vacuum carefully or use compressed air to remove it, if we see areas where dirt does not move easily we can apply isopropyl alcohol with a cloth or cotton stick, it is important to see the fins on each side of the console to notice if there is accumulated dust, now in the front there are some large holes that are ideal for accumulating dust, here we can use compressed air or a vacuum cleaner.

    Considering then the indications on How to Keep Dust Out in PS5 we can make this decrease, it is ideal that the place where we have the console is suitable as a table or cupboard, instead of a carpet, we can regularly clean this table or cupboard, so that is free of dust, it should be noted that this console has some dust collectors that allow it to be collected from the fans, it is appropriate to be attentive to this important function.

    It is very important that to solve How to Keep Dust Out in PS5 the exterior cleaning is done regularly, making the amount of dust that is going to enter less, which will avoid having to remove the front plates of the console frequently, all at the same time. Final depends on many factors, where the degree of dust in our environment affects, if we are in an urbanism it will depend on the ventilation of our house or if we depend on a filtered system, certainly a monthly cleaning is recommended, it is even very safe to remove the plates spending a few months to see how the dust is inside, then starting from that reference we will know how to act in the next few occasions.

    In conclusion, knowing how to Keep Dust Out is interesting, because it allows to have a precise handling of the cleaning of our PS5.

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