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Failures usually occur in everything and PS5 is not left out, so today we will tell you how to fix stuck in safe mode.

Why talk about stuck in safe mode in PS5?

It is necessary to take into account that there is nothing that is not exempt from failures, in this sense, it is necessary to know how to fix stuck in safe mode, especially taking into account that this mode usually allows us to start the console, but only executing the functions basic, even this safe mode on many occasions is usually used in order to fix other problems.

It is good to know How to fix stuck in safe mode, even though this mode actually allows you to perform other functions to build the database or restart the console, it even seems a bit strange to see this type of problem, but it usually happens, in this sense, We bring some solutions that can perfectly well apply and to give you more details about it, we make this guide.

How to fix stuck in safe mode in PS5?

The normal thing is to think that the safe mode is precisely that, "Safe mode", however, there is the possibility that it may be stuck and this does not have to be a cause for alarm, this is because in reality it is not usually caused damage to the PS5, in this sense it is necessary to take care of doing a couple of things to solve this problem, which in reality is usually a fairly easy task to execute.
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    Placing the console in safe mode is a practice that you can have done at any time and precisely knowing How to fix stuck in safe mode makes some users panic, even though the normal thing is that to get out of safe mode a restart is executed by means of the Restart PS5 option at the top of the screen and that it returns to its normal start, sometimes this does not usually come out in this way, and therefore it is necessary to apply some solution that can favor us, also this is not a very strange matter, previous generations of PS5 have had similar failures.

    To know how to fix stuck in safe mode is vital:

    Reboot PS5 and see if this fixes the issue.

    In case of not working, we can:

    • Restoring the default configuration is another of the alternatives with which we get to know how to fix stuck in safe mode because this action allows us to make a factory configuration, that is, not to delete any content that may be stored in the PS5.

    • Try option 5 which consists of clearing the cache and rebuilding the database, this usually does not delete the content, but they are two activities that must be executed separately.

    • Updating the system software is another of the alternatives that can be implemented to solve this error, for this we must use an internet connection and proceed to download it directly, we can download this software on a USB and do it through PC or Mac.

    • Run Reset on PS5, this is not a very nice option, but it is applied in case the previous fixes have not worked, it is complex, because this action deletes the user data, in this case we recommend you to do a backup in advance.

    • Restart PS5/ Reinstall the system software is an action that has a certain similarity to the previous task, it deletes everything, and we must use a USB to reinstall the system software.

    Now that you know how to fix stuck in safe mode, you can apply any of these alternatives and thus continue enjoying your PS5 normally.

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