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Today we bring you a guide to PS5, where we will explain how to solve the error of not downloading games.

What to know about the error of not downloading games in PS5?

It is of unknown origin for now, it is something that occurs in some games, there are some possible solutions that can still be considered, possibly a reconstruction of the database of our console is necessary, which is possible when entering the safe mode of this , now to have details with greater precision it is ideal that we have presented in this guide to understand how to solve the error of not downloading games, then let's see the following content.

How to fix PS5 game not downloading error?

 In relation to How to solve the error of not downloading games we will have about 3 possible solutions for our PS5 and these are the following:

First: the update of our console is required, which is a solution that is officially indicated by the Twitter account @ AskPlayStation, so for this you have to check if there is a recent update right now, what we will do is the following :
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    • Connect to the internet with our console.
    • Let's go to the settings.
    • In system we look for system software.
    • We give you the update of the system software.
    • Here we have the option to update.
    • The next thing is to wait for the check.
    • If there is, we have to update.


     Second: as for How to solve the error of not downloading games, rebuilding the database is presented as an option, it can certainly be the best for our PS5 if we want to eliminate said error, what we will do is clean the data of our console while ordering the hard disk for this we will do the following:


    •  Make the connection of our remote control by USB and press the PS5.
    • We have to keep the power button pressed until a second beep is heard to enter safe mode.
    • We look for option 5 and choose to rebuild the database.
    • The process will start and once it is finished we will see if the problem has been solved.


     Third: make a restart of the console, which will completely eliminate everything we have, including games, data and other content, then it is ideal that we make a backup before and for this the following:


    •  In settings, we look for the saved data and application settings, we choose the saved data.
    • We go to the choice of the type of backup, and we give in next to start the backup.
    • Once done we can do the restart.
    • We go to settings and look for system.
    • We choose the system software option, the reset options and we click on reset console.
    • This process will begin, and then we enter the configuration part.

     This is all we need to know about How to solve the error of not downloading games, it only remains to apply what we have learned and see how it goes in our PS5.

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