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PS5 has some drawbacks and this makes it necessary to explain how to fix the error code E-8210604A.

What is error code E-8210604A in PS5?

This is a problem that has been presented recently and that is usually related to the issue of the PlayStation Plus subscription, although it is true to know how to repair the error code E-8210604A allows us to leave you solutions based on the PS5 console It is worth mentioning that it is usually presented in the same way in the PS54, in this order of ideas, it is important to consider that there are various applicable solutions and in this way you can continue to enjoy all the services normally.

Knowing How to fix the error code E-8210604A is a necessary task because specifically PlayStation Plus has for us certain characteristics that simply cannot be lost such as:


  •  Free games every month.
  • Exclusive discounts.
  • Access to online multiplayer.
  • 100 GB of cloud storage space.


How to fix error code E-8210604A in PS5?

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    Choose to restart our PS54 or PS5: this is a perfectly executable action that allows us to solve this problem, just by restarting the console we are allowed to reload the resources that somehow may have been interrupted and thus continue to enjoy all the services they have for us.

     Choose to check the status of the PlayStation servers: this is another action that we can execute to find out how to repair the error code E-8210604A and it is that on some occasions it is possible that the servers may be in maintenance and therefore can show us the error, in this sense, it is only necessary to access the official site of PS5 to check the status, in case they are down it will be necessary to wait for them to return to normal work, however, if they are fine and we continue to have the error in PS5 arises necessary to investigate and apply another solution.

     Choosing to change the email address: we are still immersed in talking about How to fix the error code E-8210604A and although it seems to be a bit strange, it is an action to be executed, in this sense, we must:


    •  Go to the official Sony account management page in order to access our PS5N account and click on the "Security" tab.
    • Then we must click the "Edit" button next to the login ID to enter our new email address and proceed to press "Save."
    • Then we re-enter our password for verification and proceed to follow the instructions shown to complete the process.
    • Finally, we return to PS5 to access our PS5N account and therefore get the PS5 Plus subscription.


     Check the internet connection
    : we keep looking for solutions in PS5 and one of the reasons why many failures are usually shown is the issue of the internet connection, sometimes slow or unstable connections can show us various errors, in this case it is necessary to check the connection or, failing that, reestablish it.

     Choose to buy the PS5 Plus subscription on other platforms
    : this is another applicable action to know how to repair the error code E-8210604A, in this sense, it is necessary to have third parties to do it and a very good bet for this is Amazon.

    Update our console: this is a solution that is usually favorable for both PS54 and PS5 and they usually occur in this way:

    PS4: it is necessary to go to "Settings" and then to PlayStation 4 ", once we have done these we must locate" System software update "and click" Update now ".

    PS5: we must locate "Settings" and go to "System" to locate "System software", from there we access "System software update and settings", to finally click on "Update using internet".

    Choose to add funds: we continue talking about arrangements and this is a last option, in this case we must:


    •   Go to Settings in our console in order to locate Account.
    • Then we section Account Management and then Account Information.
    • To finish we select Portfolio and then Add funds.


      This is all we know for now about How to fix error code E-8210604A, we invite you to apply any of the solutions described here for PS5.

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